Can you easily report the benefits of your stakeholder engagement activities?

  • Centralize and mesure
    corporate engagements

  • Map and understand
    your stakeholders

  • Protect your assets
    from social risks

  • Implement robust
    grievance management

  • Reduce work

  • Measure your
    level of engagement


We've been managing
social risk
for over 15 years

Secure your social licence to operate through successful stakeholder engagement.

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Ambatovy case study

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From reactive to proactive community relations

Our proven results

Build up social

A client had an average grievance resolution time of 70 days. The implementation of the system combined with a robust methodology reduced this number to 18 days.

Fulfill commitments
on time

When there is no way to log in commitments or monitor engagement activities, teams have little to no control on follow ups. With the Boréalis application, users can effectively monitor and assign commitments to users from a central repository. Daily tracking of commitments ensures they are fulfilled on time and boosts social acceptance.

Demonstrate local
employment equity

One client had to deal with frequent strikes because various communities located around the mine site felt local employment was unfair and that the project hired more staff from certain areas. Luckily through the employment information the client had entered in the Boréalis application, it was able to transparently demonstrate that it was in fact hiring equitably among all communities.

Ensure your next audit’s
success and compliance

A client had to demonstrate its compliance with IFC standards in order to access project funding from lenders. All the information monitored was already entered into the Boréalis application, therefore when auditors showed up they were simply granted an access to the system. Auditing data was quick and didn’t require the allocation of internal resources.

Eliminate roadblocks

Stakeholders held 2 demonstrations per week because they were unsatisfied with a project's compensation process. Consequences included delays and management expenses. The structure of on-site teams, a good community consultation process and thorough compensations put an end to demonstrations in just 6 months.

Access project status
at all times

A management team could not understand a compensation activity's status and was not able to access clear information to plan the project's budget. The management reports and maps integrated in the Boréalis software now offer the team a timely and accurate overview of the project's situation for better control of budget and resources.

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On the Ground Services

We support your field operations

Our on-site experts and partnerships with projects in resource countries provide leadership, coaching, and manpower. Capacity-building for strategic planning, community engagement, investment plans and local business development.

  • Stakeholder engagement plans,
    consultations, negotiations
  • Issues management and
    grievance resolution
  • Strategic investment plans


Our software is a web-based application (SaaS) that helps reduce data processing and maximises high quality outputs.

  • Google Maps API integration
  • Analytics
  • Work offline with mobile apps
  • Monthly pricing per user

Fully integrated

An integrated community relations solution to provide
your operations peace of mind

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  • Engagement
  • Registration
  • Plan
  • d Investments
  • d Delivery / Benefits
  • d Capacity building
  • b Risk level
  • c Profit
  • c Reputation
  • Engagement
  • Registration
  • Land Survey
  • d Compensation distribution
  • d Local content
  • d Capacity building
  • Respect
  • Share-value creation
  • Complaints