Boréalis Stakeholder Engagement Software

ssue and complaint management

Ensure grievance and complaint response and track commitments efficiently

Implementing and Issue and Complaint management solution makes it easier to build trust with local communities and mitigate the social risks to project success by providing a structured and transparent process for handling grievances, issues and complaints, in a timely and effective manner according to industry best practices

Establish a systematic and transparent
grievance resolution process

The Issue and Management Module helps resolve issues before they escalate and demonstrate compliance with international regulatory frameworks such as IFC, IPIECA & ICMM.

Record and track issues and complaints

  • Promptly acknowledge receipt of all issues and complaints to let stakeholders know you understand their concerns and take them seriously-an essential first step in building trust.
  • Configure the module’s core workflow to suit your own business processes. The embedded root-cause analysis tool can help teams identify actions that should be taken to address potential risks.
  • Centralize all data related to stakeholder issues and complaints in a single, accessible grievance register to facilitate auditing and reporting.
  • Ensure that you’re respecting human rights standards. Provide a channel for whistleblowers to file a grievance or report an issue anonymously and still receive responses from your team. The feedback portal is fully integrated into the module to support your overall process.
Respond, investigate and close out grievances
  • Implement a solid grievance mechanism to help your organisation navigate all steps of the complaint management process including recording, assessment, investigation, resolution, and close-out.  
  • Investigate the root cause(s) of recurring grievances and any others that may require special attention.  
  • Geolocate complaints and concerns on a map to see how they relate to project assets and activities. Quickly flag any necessary changes and communicate project-critical information to affected stakeholders to maintain social license to operate 
  • Keep stakeholders informed about the status of ongoing issues. Effectively confirm with affected parties that their grievances were resolved in a satisfactory manner. Close any unsubstantiated or fraudulent complaints and document the reasons supporting the decision.  

Follow up on commitments  

  • Track all commitments made to stakeholders, whether they come from formal public statements, informal agreements during a consultation, or negotiations during the grievance resolution process.  
  • Review any commitments that were made to stakeholders as you engage with them to ensure that promises are kept.  
Analyze and report on complaints
  • Analyze, classify, and prioritize issues and complaints based on their potential impact on the project. Identify any necessary actions or commitments that need to be made.  
  • Report on the number, type, and status of issues or complaints during a given timeframe. Track grievance trends over time along with profiles of the people who submitted them. View this information in a list, or on a map to identify potential hot spots.  
  • Generate detailed reports in just a few clicks to respond quickly and efficiently to audits.  

Features to help you standardized your grievance and complaint management process


Grievance and
Feedback portal

Let stakeholders easily file grievances or feedback online (anonymously or not) and stay informed on their status.

Integrated GIS and mapping

Geolocalize grievances and even link them to company asset quickly identify hot spot.


Built-in reports

Demonstrate your due diligence in handling grievances external lenders, investors or government agencies by sending thorough reports in a few clicks.
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