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  • Access to all Boréalis modules
  • Ability to manage forms (create / edit / search)
  • Attach scanned documents from portable devices
  • Identification of incomplete forms
  • Synchronisation of data when a connection is available
    Stronger security measures than work with paper forms

For iPad and iPhone

Reduce data acquisition time

Role-based access control
Capture Photos
Capture GPS coordinates
Offline Map

With the Boréalis Application for iPad and iPhone, clients can access stakeholder information wirelessly from anywhere, with or without network connection. Paperless data collection allows field teams to work more productively and remotely. Collected data automatically syncs as soon as the application picks up a network connection, thus keeping to a minimum errors in the system. Photos and GPS coordinates gathered in the field can be downloaded and uploaded into electronic reports.

Managing data on electronic devices enables stronger security measures than working with paper forms. Users log in the application with unique authentication and password. The number of log in attempts is configurable: data can be deleted or users deactivated after too many failed attempts. All data collected is traceable and the app can auto-wipe the information should the mobile device be lost or stolen.

Every organisation has different compliance requirements, which is why the application’s security management capabilities can be adjusted to meet specific client policies.