Monitoring & Evaluation

Improve the efficiency of reporting so that you can better focus efforts on sustainability performance

Improve the efficiency of reporting so that you can better focus efforts on sustainability performance

Social responsibility, environmental performance, and accountability activities are essential obligations in many industries, including mining and oil & gas. But without effective reporting tools, it can be difficult to track and validate the consistency of reported information, indicators, and metrics. Tailoring reports to the specific information needs of individual stakeholders is even harder.

The Monitoring & Evaluation Module provides a standardized process for organizing and presenting detailed performance summaries for operational activities in real-time according to industry best practices such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) recommended guidelines.


Define your monitoring programs for reporting, and assign responsibilities to various groups.


Load collected samples and information from multiple systems into a centralized platform to limit the manipulation of data and centralize reporting functions.


Track the details and results for each indicator collected, along with overall operational performance to better support project-level local teams and corporate level decision-makers.


Demonstrate the impacts of operational activities in real-time through concise and consistent reporting supported by a verifiable audit trail and historical reports.


Identify all sustainability indicators to be measured and their associated monitoring instances, along with all applicable international standards to be respected. Set up alerts and notifications to be generated based on monitoring results so that you can stay on top of your sustainability performance.


Rapidly visualize, understand, and manage performance against defined standards. Map any recent or open alerts to understand spatial trends and facilitate communications.


Identify opportunities for improvement in a timely manner by instantly tailoring reports according to various criteria and to the specific information needs of individual internal and external stakeholder groups.


Replace spreadsheets with an integrated tool that will allow you to build a valuable corporate memory to help improve future sustainability efforts and decision-making, regardless of the team in place


Monitor activities, track and communicate sustainability performance, set goals and objectives, and identify improvement opportunities all from a single platform

Align social and environmental performance objectives with daily operations

Create a verifiable audit trail
and historical reports

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