Regulatory & Compliance Management

Simplify compliance with regulatory requirements

Meeting and demonstrating compliance amid the increasingly complex framework of applicable laws, regulations, and standards can be a real challenge. Failing to do so in an efficient and timely manner can lead to serious consequences ranging from fines to project closures.

The Regulatory Compliance Management module reduces the incidence of non-compliance events by providing a structured and transparent process for managing compliance according to industry best practices.


Set clear ground rules for managing compliance and the specific actions that will be used to measure compliance against established conditions over time. 


Categorize and assign compliance conditions to a specific department, along with non-compliance risk levels for each condition. Schedule inspection plans with recurring and one-off actions in advance, and set up alerts and reminders to be sent in preparation for upcoming inspections.


Verify your level of conformity to internal or external requirements and document the results with supporting evidence, including any recommended corrective actions that should be taken to prevent future non-compliance incidents.


Demonstrate to both internal and external stakeholders such as vendors, lenders, government regulatory agencies and other stakeholders that you are meeting all obligations within the target time frames.


Capture all compliance documents or agreements that apply to a given project such as internal policies, government regulations, obligations from lenders, or other project requirements. Register all conditions that must be met, along with their target time frames so that compliance efforts can be properly tracked (and corrected if needed) in a timely manner. 


Monitor the ongoing status of all compliance conditions and capture details of all compliance-related activities for eventual evidence of compliance.


Leverage the details of observations and recommended corrective actions captured during inspections and audits to quickly correct any near-misses or non-compliances.


Build a valuable corporate memory that will strengthen decision-making and help to ensure the success of future compliance efforts, regardless of the team in place.


Meet legal obligations more efficiently and confidently

Avoid duplicating efforts across multiple departments by centralizing all regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting activities relating to local content, grievances, land rehabilitation, waste management, land access, etc.

Proactively plan for upcoming inspections, audits or other activities and milestones

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