Boréalis Stakeholder Engagement for Land Access and Management

Access and Management

Stakeholder Engagement Software for Land Access and Management

Keep your land acquisition projects on-time and on budget

Consolidate and analyze all your data to identify at-risk zones, develop transparent and fair compensation processes, and manage project impacts for on-schedule completion.

Reduce risks

Spot and reduce risks to help your land access projects progress smoothly.

Identify all affected individuals, their personal and professional affiliations, as well as relevant groups and organizations.
Overlay geo-localized stakeholder information, including physical assets and data from your social baseline and environmental surveys, on a map to identify at-risk zones and vulnerable people.
Modify your project plans to minimize impact on the cultural, environmental and social landscapes.
Link your engagement plans with tasks such as one-on-one land inventory and inspections or public consultations to easily track project progress against milestones and budget.

Measure progress

Measure your project’s progress and analyze processes for compliance and fraudulent activity.

Monitor and analyze cash and in-kind payment records to avoid corrupt practices and ensure compensation is delivered based on agreed procedures.
Record all engagement activities, commitments, issues, contracts and payments for complete traceability.
Analyze social baseline data over your project’s lifecycle to monitor changes and reduce negative impacts.

Prepare compliance and regulatory reports that meet land acquisition laws and lenders’ requirements.

Settle compensation fairly and efficiently

Engage with all affected land owners and land users to settle compensation and grievances fairly and efficiently.

Automatically add and centralize all stakeholder information and communication histories to retain institutional memory and comply with transparency initiatives.
Create personalized emails and letters to thousands of stakeholders and update their contact information with minimal effort.
Consolidate and analyze all relevant data for claims and grievance reviews to offer fair compensation packages and resolve grievances amicably.
Protect confidential information and maintain stakeholder privacy by limiting access on a need-to-know basis.


Equip project managers and stakeholder relations teams with insights and tools to manage large-scale land access projects according to plan

Comply with local laws, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and other international guidelines, and align efforts with sustainability goals

Secure social licenses to operate with long-term, trusted relations between your organization and communities

See how Boréalis software helps organizations prevent corruption

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