Boréalis Stakeholder Engagement for Social and Environmental Performance

Social and Environmental Performance

Stakeholder Engagement Software for Social and Environmental Performance

Work towards your Sustainable Development Goals with proactive stakeholder engagement

Boréalis Stakeholder Engagement Software for Social and Environmental Performance helps you work with supply chain partners towards shared sustainability goals and develop consistent reporting. 

Evaluate impacts, set KPIs and plan engagement strategies

Assess the social, economic and environmental impacts of your business operations locally and globally, then determine sustainability metrics to improve performance.

Identify and map all internal and external stakeholders in your supply chain, identify key influencers, group stakeholders for easier outreach, and plan engagement strategies.

Link strategies to tasks and workflows to coordinate engagement activities and influencer campaigns across your entire supply chain, and develop consistent and comparable reporting.

Analyze results and create visually compelling reports with clear metrics

Track the evolution of key indicators – such as percentage increase in local employment, amount of infrastructure investments, carbon footprint etc. – to identify positive impacts and improvement opportunities.

Tailor reports to the needs of each stakeholder group and easily share them in different formats.

Create reports that show measurable impact and compliance with international guidelines.

Engage members to work towards shared sustainability goals

Engage members of your global supply chain, local operations, communities and key influencers to work towards shared sustainability goals.

Keep up with your constantly evolving stakeholder base by automatically adding new stakeholders and updating existing data to retain institutional memory and engage the right people at the right time

Centralize your engagement activities worldwide for easy tracking and company-wide reporting.

Get alerts in real time when environmental standards have been breached so you can respond quickly.


Empower your social performance, corporate social responsibility and stakeholder relations teams with the tools to plan, engage and measure stakeholder engagements, track sustainability metrics and report results consistently
Demonstrate measurable outcomes and impacts on your brand value
Grow your triple bottom line over the long term by integrating sustainability KPIs into your business model
Learn how to measure the success of your sustainability strategy

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