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Whether you’re looking for training on best practices or data management and analysis, we have the option that will suit your needs. You can choose between Boréalis experts and external experts that we’ve partnered with.
training on the ground with Boréalis
Training Capability Statement

Training Capability Statement

Boréalis Training

Our training approach combines corporate social responsibility best practices with data management. Boréalis information management experts train users on how to properly use an information management system (IMS), from data collection in the field to quality assessment and control, data analysis and reporting against specific KPIs all in respect of international standards such as Equator Principles, GRI, ISO 26000, etc.

Training Capability Statement TRA

Training Capability Statement

Triple R Alliance

Triple R Alliance (TRA) is a small group of experienced social performance practitioners who are driven to ensure companies have a sustained positive impact on the communities where they operate. They typically work in frontier markets or areas of social and political instability. Their goal is to help companies increase the quality of their community relations through application of a more rigorous approach to social performance, including through the use of the Boréalis software.

Boréalis counts numerous partners all around the world and across various industries. These partnerships allow our clients to benefit from both our international expertise and our partners’ knowledge of local trends and customs.