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Demonstrate compliance, reduce incidence of non-compliance events, and ensure project support.

Compliance Management

Track and monitor compliance: catalog conditions, plan inspections, correct non-conformities, record audit activities, demonstrate operational compliance at all times.

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Capture and track each compliance document or agreement that applies to a project such as internal policies, government regulations, obligations from lenders, or other project requirements. Register conditions that must be met contained in each document. Categorize and assign them to a specific department; attribute them a level of risk related to incidence of non-compliance.

Define actions to measure compliance against specific conditions over time. Inspection plans with recurring and one-off actions can be registered in advance, and alerts and reminders can be sent in preparation for upcoming inspections.


Register the level of compliance for each of the conditions in an inspection plan and capture evidence in order to thoroughly demonstrate the level of compliance. In the eventuality of a near-miss or a non-conformance, details of observations and corrective actions necessary to prevent future non-compliance incidents can be captured.


Verify company’s level of conformity to internal or external requirements. An audit is often based on a specific compliance document and is conducted by the authority responsible for producing the document. Similar to inspections, audits allow compliance levels to be documented with evidence. Audits may recommend corrective actions in order to prevent future non-compliance incidents.

Be proactive for upcoming inspections, audits or other activities and milestones

  • Meet legal obligations related to a project’s regulatory framework
  • Demonstrate compliance during internal and external audits
  • Minimize negative consequences such as fines, legal fees or project disruptions due to non-compliance
  • Centralize activities related to regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting for numerous departments and topics