Stakeholder Engagement vs. CRM Software

It can be very tempting for IT teams to try to tweak their CRM system to integrate stakeholder management. CRM systems are already part of the existing application portfolio of many organizations and their data tracking functionalities are somewhat similar. 

Yet, it’s a daunting task! CRM and Stakeholder Engagement systems are not interchangeable.

Which One Is Right for You?

Engage People

A CRM’s goal is to sell products and services. Stakeholder engagement’s aim is to engage people and organizations in your projects.


CRMs are for marketing and sales teams. Stakeholder engagement software is purpose-built for professionals in sustainability, community relations, corporate affairs, and many more.

Ongoing Process

With a CRM, you close the deal at the end. Stakeholder engagement is an ongoing process, you always continue to live and deal with people.

Standards and best practices

Stakeholder engagement needs to follow international standards, guidelines and best practices. CRM systems are not built with stakeholder management standards in mind.

What’s the cost of customizing your CRM for Stakeholder engagement?

Stakeholder Engagement vs. CRM Software