Louis Lieutenant

Host – Louis Lieutenant

Co-presenters – Alain Parisé, Trans Mountain & Gary Gee, Beniva

Fast-Track Stakeholder Engagement for Linear Asset Integrity Projects

Time – 60 mins

In this knowledge sharing session for land project professionals, we discussed current needs and best practices for stakeholder engagement in linear asset projects.

During the 60 minute session, we focus primarily on demonstrating how new software improvements can help organizations in the energy, transport, and oil and gas sector, operationalize stakeholder engagement for linear asset projects, including:

  1. Managing land parcels, ROW agreements, conditions, issues, and complaints.

  2. Breaking down silos between teams working with various stakeholder groups.

  3. Documenting early engagement during open houses or collected from online feedback.

  4. Supporting the regulatory approvals process, when applicable

Organizations worldwide rely on Borealis to build trusted relationships with their key stakeholders. Our innovative software makes it easy for stakeholder engagement professionals to plan, engage, and demonstrate outcomes.

This webinar is presented by Louis Lieutenant Account Director at Borealis for the US and Canada.  

He’s been working at Boréalis since 2008 and has contributed to the success of several projects that apply international CSR best practices and standards. He has important experience as a consultant working on several extractive projects, more specifically in Africa, Australia and Canada.