Host – François Robichaud

How External Affairs and Government Relations Teams Can Improve their Stakeholder Engagement Practices

Time – 42 mins

As the role of Lobbying, Public Affairs, and Government Relations professionals expands, new challenges in the industry make effective stakeholder engagement more important than ever. Find out how your organization can develop and maintain stakeholder trust in a rapidly changing world.

In this, 42-minute presentation, you will:

  • Learn how you can improve your stakeholder engagement practices.
  • Discover new ways to manage the challenges facing your industry.
  • See how our fit-for-purpose Stakeholder Engagement software can simplify your daily workflow and improve productivity.

Organizations worldwide rely on Borealis to build trusted relationships with their key stakeholders. Our innovative software makes it easy for stakeholder engagement professionals to plan, engage, and demonstrate outcomes. 

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This webinar is presented by François Robichaud, Account Director at Borealis for Europe 

François has over 13 years experience implementing complex social and environmental solutions for large international infrastructure projects around the world. He has extensive knowledge of public affairs, stakeholder engagement, social investment, grievance management, resettlement and livelihood restoration, surveying and biodiversity. 

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