Christine Crowe

Host – Christine E. Crowe

Managing Complex Stakeholder Relations Around Infrastructure Projects

Time – 28 mins

The ongoing nature of infrastructure projects creates unique challenges for stakeholder engagement professionals. Find out how fit-for-purpose tools and a proven methodology can help improve outcomes.

In our free, 30-minute presentation, you will: 

  • Learn how you can engage more effectively with stakeholders to achieve better outcomes
  • Discover new ways to manage the challenges facing your industry
  • See how Stakeholder Engagement software can simplify your daily workflow and help you modernize your community relations practices
Organizations worldwide rely on Borealis to build trusted relationships with their key stakeholders. Our innovative software makes it easy for stakeholder engagement professionals to plan, engage, and demonstrate outcomes.

This webinar is presented by Christine E. Crowe Account Director at Borealis for the US and Canada.  

Over the course of her career Christine has worked on a wide variety of projects, including the development and analysis of renewable fuels and the valorization of waste for fuels. She is fascinated by the work being done to modernize infrastructure, and in the many ways that investing in climate and biodiversity protection creates opportunities for innovation.