Francis Dupont

Host – Francis Dupont

Improving Stakeholder Management in Asset and Land-Based Projects

Time – 54 mins

Most stakeholder engagement teams spend too much time on managing data and not enough time planning, engaging and demonstrating outcomes. All too often, this results in missed opportunities – but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

In this free 35-minute presentation, you’ll see:   

  • How you can improve productivity by implementing fit-for-purpose stakeholder engagement software like Borealis. 
  • How our Stakeholder Engagement core module can simplify your daily workflow. 
  • How our Land and Asset Management module can help you strategically engage with stakeholders to improve outcomes. 
Organizations worldwide rely on Borealis to build trusted relationships with their key stakeholders. Our innovative software makes it easy for stakeholder engagement professionals to plan, engage, and demonstrate outcomes.

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This webinar is presented by Francis Dupont, Account Director at Borealis for Australasia 

Francis has extensive worldwide expertise in stakeholder engagement information management and systems implementation. He holds degree in geographic information systems (GIS) and a master’s in business intelligence.  

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