Magic for

How a community engagement consulting firm on Australia’s Sunshine Coast is delivering nearly magical insights and results to their clients to help them secure development approvals for their projects.

“People matter most” is no cliché at CPR Group. As community engagement specialists, the core focus of the Group’s multi-disciplinary team has always been people. For over 20 years, CPR has been helping local and state government, private enterprises, extractive industries, universities, and not-for-profit community and sporting groups across Australia secure development approvals for their projects.


  • Consultants can now enter details of interactions into the mobile app and have them automatically entered in the system.
  • Data is now centralized and easy to search, saving valuable time.
  • Highly customized and meaningful reports can now be created and sent to clients in a few clicks.
  • Less time in front of computers and more time in front of stakeholders means faster approvals for client projects.
  • Borealis grievance management module the solution you’ve been looking for

Saying so long to limitations

From large-scale infrastructure developments to local community consultation initiatives, the CPR team has seen and done it all over the years – which is why clients from such a wide range of industry sectors rely on its expert knowhow.

But it’s only more recently that the CPR team has been astonishing their clients with powerful reporting. In early 2018, the team was extremely frustrated by the limitations of the CRM software and other systems it was using to handle stakeholder engagement and management activities for clients. The biggest frustration? Reporting.

Trying to adapt other systems to meet the unique needs of managing stakeholder engagement was creating endless headaches. Among other things, it made it hard for the team to:

  • Search for specific information.
  • Create customized and meaningful reports on activities.
  • Forward emails without having to do a clunky copy/paste.
  • Record communications quickly and easily.