15 years of Borealis
Stakeholder Engagement Software​

The most advanced stakeholder engagement software

Since 2004, Borealis stakeholder engagement software has been helping organizations to safeguard their corporate memory by centralizing stakeholder information.  Manage contacts, history of interactions and increase efficiency by defining & monitoring engagement strategies going forward. One key outcome of better data management is to avoid being blindsided at public hearings, community meetings and one-on-one engagements with key stakeholders. With Borealis’ cloud-based solution, retrieve valuable information and view trends in personalized dashboards on the entire history of your key contacts and communications in seconds.

Borealis goes far beyond heavily customized systems, sales tools, or online spreadsheets – it is an intuitive solution designed to save time and minimize workload. We specialize in stakeholder data management and have built a worldwide community of practice. Our clients count on our software to ensure diligent tracking of their stakeholder sentiment, influence, and potential impact on their company or project.

Gains that can be Achieved with the Stakeholder Engagement Methodology

Adopting best practices can bring all sorts of gains. Here are some concrete examples for various internal teams responsible for managing stakeholder engagement.

Learn how Borealis can help improve relationships with your stakeholders.