What is Borealis Software?

Over the last 20 years, Borealis software has continually evolved to provide the most advanced solution for organizations managing stakeholder engagement activities. But what IS Borealis software? Watch this short introductory video to learn what our software does, and discover the great, user-friendly features that let teams focus on building meaningful relationships with stakeholders, not managing data.

Stakeholder engagement software
for every step of your journey


Getting started

No need to create your stakeholder database from scratch. You can get up and running efficiently with a simplified process to import your contacts and other necessary information.


You can easily map, analyze & prioritize your stakeholders, empowering you to build solid engagement plans based on data insights. You also have the flexibility to adjust course as needed.



Our time-saving data management features make it easy to enter, access, modify, and share your stakeholder records and your engagement data.



Monitor, measure, and understand the outcomes of your engagement activities so you always know if social acceptance is on track.  

Borealis software, a modern alternative to spreadsheets and CRM

Protect your data from vulnerabilities found in spreadsheets and leave behind CRM software, which
ultimately fails at managing stakeholder engagement. Opt for a fit-for-purpose solution designed specifically for your needs.

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A fit-for-purpose tool

Conceived and developed by experts in stakeholder engagement and social performance, our software is always growing to meet your needs. It ensures alignment with emerging best practices and international standards such as IFC and GDPR.

Software that can scale

Go beyond standard stakeholder engagement. Our solution lets you manage all aspects of corporate social responsibility, like social investments, land management, issue and complaint management, and regulatory compliance from a single platform.

Suitable for a wide range of industries

Borealis software was originally developed for the 
oil & gas and mining sectors. Over the years, we’ve worked with a wide range of industries to design
fit-for-purpose solutions for their specific needs.
Our client base has grown to include organizations in transportation, healthcare, government, consumer goods and renewable energy.

Borealis software offers simplified reporting

Built-in reporting tools make it easy to generate detailed reports for internal management, regulators, and lenders in just a few clicks. You can analyze your data by stakeholder type, date, location, or strategy with Borealis Analytics tools.


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Seven features that make
Borealis software stand out

Companies around the world choose Borealis software 
because its unique features set it apart from other SRMs.


Email integration

Record emails, calendar events, and stakeholder contact information in Borealis right from Outlook or Gmail. The email integration tools in Borealis let you enter communications with just a click, so it’s easy to keep your records complete and up to date.


Built to support your engagement plan

Borealis software features a project management tool specifically designed for stakeholder engagement teams. Identify your project’s stakeholders and engagement objectives in the Engagement Plan feature, then assign team members to manage stakeholders, engagement activities, and follow-ups. Monitor trends in real time to keep your progress on track.


Grievance and Feedback Portal

With the integrated grievance and feedback portal in Borealis, you can find out what stakeholders REALLY think about your project and address issues and grievances before they have a chance to escalate into crises. Standardizing and centralizing your grievance management process makes it much easier to manage stakeholder interactions.


Powerful Analytics tools

Our Analytics feature lets you create custom graphics, maps, and trend lines from any dataset. You’ll be able to keep a closer eye on KPIs, like the total number of interactions, tasks completed, and resolution time for grievances, and also spot changes in real-time. Plus, you’ll be able to instantly generate reports, then schedule them in the system to send PDF versions to higher management.

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Elected Official Database

Easily identify US elected officials who are stakeholders in your project at federal or state levels. These records are updated automatically, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the list. Legislative stakeholders integrate seamlessly with other Borealis features.


Multilingual interface

In today’s world, many teams are spread out across the globe. It’s imperative to use software that accounts for this international dynamic. To ensure seamless collaboration and a great user experience, our interface is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic. (Other languages can be developed on request.)


Mobile App

Your work doesn’t always stop when you leave the office, but you can take Borealis with you when you’re on the go! Access and update records on the spot to minimize oversights and enter data while the information is fresh in your mind. Scan business cards to create new stakeholder records, upload photos and attach them to complaints, and enter voice recordings. With the Borealis mobile app, you can even record communications when you’re working offline.

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Enough from us.
Hear from our customers.


"The main benefit of Borealis is that it gives us a central repository where anybody from the various lines of business – whether that’s Environment, Project Delivery, Indigenous Relations, or Community Relations – can go in and see exactly what consultation work has been done: who we’ve been consulting with, what are the outcomes of that, and then pull reports from the same source."

“Borealis improves both the efficiency and quality of the service you’re delivering as well as the relationship you have with customers.”

Delivering on
what we promise

With a large team of experienced business analysts and customer success advisors, we provide hands-on, multilingual onboarding and training to help you maximize your investment and accelerate time-to-value. We’ll be with you every step of the way as you install and deploy Borealis software.

Our top-notch, in-house Customer Success Specialists will support you over time and offer guidance – in English, French, and Spanish – as your needs evolve. They’re experts in stakeholder data management and they’re always glad to help you.

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