for more proactive and successful
stakeholder engagement

Borealis software is full of features that support the proven PLAN-ENGAGE-MEASURE methodology advocated by stakeholder engagement best practices.

Get off to a quick start

No need to create your stakeholder database from scratch. These tools let you pick up exactly where you are and drive your stakeholder engagement to the next level.

No need to create your stakeholder database from
scratch. These tools let you pick up exactly where you are
and drive your stakeholder engagement to the next level.


Excel imports

Import your existing stakeholder data into Borealis using our Excel templates. Say so long to multiple spreadsheets being passed around. Instead, you’ll always be working with a single source of data that will continuously grow over time.


Creating stakeholders from your email contacts

Easily upload your email contacts to Borealis. It will automatically create a record for each individual and prepopulate the contact information in the relevant fields.


Borealis API

Connect your various business applications to Borealis to work more productively and support your existing work processes. Easily connect apps to push data to corporate reporting tools like Power Bi, or to import social monitoring data into Borealis.


Our planning features make it easy to take a more informed and proactive approach to managing stakeholder relationships. Map, analyze and prioritize stakeholders, build solid engagement plans based on this insightful information, and adjust course as needed to keep social acceptance on track.


Engagement plan

A project management tool specifically designed for stakeholder engagement teams. Determine your project assets and objectives. Delegate team members to manage stakeholders, engagement activities and follow-ups. Monitor trends in real time to keep your progress on track.


Corporate view

Standardize data management across locations to simplify reporting, while allowing each site to configure the system independently for their own needs. Personal stakeholder data can be masked in reports that will be viewed offsite, to keep sensitive information confidential without compromising corporate reporting. (Add-on feature)


Stakeholder mapping

Analyze and prioritize stakeholders according to influence, interest and other insightful criteria to allocate resources where needed. Use the maps to view at a glance each stakeholder’s weight on your project’s outcome based on their current opinion and other meaningful criteria.


Integrated GIS & mapping

Import your project infrastructure to easily analyze stakeholder engagement activities related to your assets. Cross-reference stakeholders and assets. Geo-reference all data to view it both on a map and in a form from anywhere in Borealis. Integrate Borealis with other corporate GIS web services to overlay social and environmental data.


Task management

Synchronize your team’s work and avoid doubling efforts by assigning tasks to colleagues with target dates. Have them receive reminders and updates by email to avoid oversights. Link tasks to specific activities, like communications.


Built-in / customizable dashboards

Create your own monitoring dashboards using the built-in templates or make your own from scratch. Insert KPIs, maps, tasks, lists, and graphs for a clear view of data you need to keep your eye on. Easily add or modify dashboards over time as your project evolves.


Customizable calendars

Adjust your calendar’s display settings as needed. The calendar widget lets you toggle different types of events on and off to see a global view of what’s happening, focus on specific projects or activities, and plan more effectively. View events for the week in a convenient list format, and create new records directly from the calendar.

Distribution lists

Create and manage predefined lists of stakeholders to communicate more efficiently. Distribution lists help ensure that no one is accidentally overlooked, so you can be sure that all the right people receive the necessary information.


Assign delegates

Add temporary or permanent delegates to make sure nothing slips through the cracks when someone is out of the office. This ensures that both people have access to the information they need to pick up where their colleague left off. Users who work back-to-back can be linked in the system, so they see the same notifications, assignments, and tasks.

Custom user profiles

Define a set of permissions once and then assign them to users in one step. This helps ensure that access rights are assigned consistently when creating new users or updating permissions when someone changes roles. Custom user profiles give you better control over your data, and consequently, the security of your platform.

Restrict access to sensitive data

Define which information users can see based on their role, project, team, or site with the Team Data Segregation feature. Set up a hierarchy and limit access to certain fields (like stakeholder contact information) on a ‘need-to-know’ basis to prevent unnecessary access to sensitive data. (Add-on feature)

US Elected Officials Database 

Always know which local, state, and federal officials you need to engage with – and how to contact them. The US Elected Officials Database provides up-to-date information about government stakeholders, so there’s no need to manually update your records after every election. The database integrates seamlessly with Borealis, allowing users to easily add elected officials to distribution lists, smart communications, engagement plans, and more. 


The time-saving data management features in Borealis make it easy to enter, access, modify and share stakeholder records and engagement data. Now you can work more productively with data that’s complete, up to date and always just a click away.


Mobile app

Take your stakeholder data with you wherever you go. Access, create, and modify records on the spot to quickly answer questions, enter communications or grievances, and more. You can even include geolocation data to show where those interactions took place. Offline mode lets you create communications in the system when you don’t have access to a reliable internet connection. They will automatically be synced to Borealis when you connect to a network.

Business card scan

Create a new stakeholder record by simply taking a photo of a person’s business card with the Borealis mobile app. All contact information will be automatically entered in the relevant contact fields.


Email integration

Securely record and classify emails and calendar items in Borealis with just a few clicks, directly from Outlook or Gmail. Include recordings of meetings, documents, comments, notes, general atmosphere, and more.

Grievance and Feedback portal

Give stakeholders an easy-to-use self-serve online platform for filing grievances, issues or any kind of feedbacks that are useful for your organization (even anonymously). The portal automatically records these different types of comments in Borealis for timely follow-up and resolution – keeping your stakeholder records complete and your processes standardized.


SMS Messaging

Communicate with stakeholders how they prefer. The SMS feature automatically records these text messages in Borealis for timely follow-up and resolution – keeping your stakeholder records complete and your processes standardized. (Add-on feature)


Shared address book

Borealis creates a central repository of all contact information for stakeholders. Now all team members will be helping to build — and benefit from — a single, up-to-date directory. You can even add multiple addresses per individual or organization.


History of all communications

Access the communications history with any stakeholder in just a few clicks. This feature is especially useful when multiple teams must engage with stakeholders over various project phases, when a replacement team member must step in or when a new stakeholder management team comes on board.


Smart Communications

Reach out to numerous stakeholders simultaneously with minimal effort or errors. Send emails to dynamic lists using predefined criteria of your choice. Ensure message uniformity with warning and error notifications, and track opens to see who opened your email. (Add-on feature)


Google Maps API integration

View the geographic location of stakeholders on a map based on their address. Both regular maps and earth views are available. The API integration also allows the same form auto complete you find in Google Maps.


Drill-down graphs, maps & lists

Access detailed information directly from your graphs and maps. For example, click