Leveraging technology

to mine stakeholder success

Company overview

The Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance is the Jobs and Skills Council for Australia’s mining and automotive industries. It partners with industry, governments, educators, and the workforce to drive reforms to the country’s vocational education and training system so that employers and individuals can access the right skills at the right time.


To fulfill its purpose, the Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance needs to keep its stakeholders involved, informed, and engaged. These stakeholders are many, diverse, and spread across the country—some very remotely. Identifying and engaging with all stakeholders is challenging. Staying on top of stakeholder evolution and shifts in position is even harder.

Key benefits

  • Centralised, accurate stakeholder data, leading to more structured and organised engagement efforts.
  • Clear lists of stakeholders to prioritise, leading to more strategic engagement.
  • Quick access to data leading to more time proactively engaging with stakeholder

Why the client chose Borealis

The Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance team did extensive research to find the right solution for managing day-to-day stakeholder engagement. The team considered the typical CRMs like Salesforce, but since the organisation wasn’t trying to sell anything, they didn’t want to invest time and resources into implementing a product which is transaction based. Borealis ticked the most boxes. What sealed the deal was the software was specifically stakeholder engagement focused, as opposed to other CRMs, which have a sales focus.

No one in the team had used Borealis before, but we liked the intuitive look and feel of the software. Bart Lambert, our contact at Borealis, was very helpful in explaining the features and answering all of our questions, which made the decision easy.

How the client uses Borealis

The Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance uses the Stakeholder Engagement module in Borealis software to manage day-to-day engagement activities surrounding government affairs and strategic accounts. More specifically, memberships, distribution lists, different programs, and campaigns.

“For us, knowing who our stakeholders are is important, but even more important is knowing who aren’t stakeholders, but should be. This enables us to be strategic in planning our engagement activities.”

The Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance has used Borealis software since June 2022. It’s a small but growing organisation with 20 team members. Ten team members currently use Borealis on a regular basis, and they love it so much that this number will soon jump to 15.

Being a fairly new organisation, many of the organisation’s work processes are still being refined, such as reporting. Currently, they use the reporting features in Borealis to track the volume of stakeholders in particular industries and their geographical locations.

What makes Borealis even better

Sarah says what the team appreciates most about Borealis is the entire concept of how the software captures, organises and help them report on stakeholder engagement. But there are a few features that users find especially helpful.

Smart Communications
Smart Communications add-on is the
perfect tool to keep stakeholders informed on industry, news, events and trends. When they sent out their first communication to their members, they used and html template designed by an external firm. The visual was so efficient that it was featured in one of the local dailies.

The Analytics feature lets the team create reports and graphs to monitor their activities and demonstrate the value of their work. They enjoy the flexibility of Borealis Analytics and it lets them really dig in their data and get some great insights.

Outlook add-in
With just a click, users can add emails to a stakeholder’s record directly from Outlook, making it easier to keep stakeholder records complete and up-to-date.

How Borealis has made stakeholder relationship management easier

  • Quick access to quality information and data allows the team to spend more time proactively engaging with stakeholders; they’re a lot less reactive.
  • Borealis has become part of the team’s day-to-day,
    resulting in more structured and organised team efforts.
  • The field value names in Borealis keep all team members on the same page, eliminating
  • Not having to wade through spreadsheets looking for information means a lot less chaos and frustration for team members.

“If your prime focus is stakeholder engagement then go for it, I don’t think you have anything to lose.”

  • Boréalis Stakeholder Engagement Software
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