Grievance Management Process

Ensure grievance response and improve closing times

The Grievance Management module makes it easier to build trust with local communities and mitigate the social risks to project success by providing a structured and transparent process for handling grievances in a timely and effective manner according to industry best practices.

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Establish a systematic and transparent
grievance resolution process

The Grievance Management Module helps resolve issues before they escalate and demonstrate
compliance with international regulatory frameworks such as IFC, IPIECA & ICMM.

Record and track grievances

  • The Grievance register is used to support a company’s grievance processes and can be used for auditing and reporting purposes. A core process is proposed for grievance resolution/escalation. It is inspired by best practices and involves steps such as registration, assessment, investigation, resolution, and close-out.
  • The core process can be adapted to suit a company’s business processes. In addition, a root-cause analysis tool is embedded in issues and grievance processes to identify action relating to potential risks.

Respond, investigate and close out

  • Acknowledge receipt of all grievances in a timely manner so that stakeholders know you have heard their grievances and are taking them seriously – an important first step in building trust.
  • Investigate the root cause of recurring grievances or those requiring special attention. Flag whether any project changes may be needed to retain social license to operate. Communicate project-critical information in a timely manner to the appropriate internal stakeholders.
  • Confirm with stakeholders that their grievances have been resolved in a satisfactory manner. Close any unsubstantiated or fraudulent grievances with the reasons supporting this decision.

Analyze and report

  • Analyze all received grievances and classify them according to priority and/or potential to negatively impact the project. Identify the action to be taken for each one.
  • Report and map the number, category and status of grievances for a given period, as well as any grievance trends over time, profiles of those who submitted grievances, etc.

Features to help you
standardized your grievance management process

Let stakeholders easily file grievances or feedback online (anonymously or not) and stay informed on their status

Built-in reports

Demonstrate your due diligence in handling grievances external lenders, investors or government agencies by sending thorough reports in a few clicks.

Integrated GIS and mapping

Geolocalize grievances and even link them to company asset quickly identify hot spot.

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Improve your knowledge
of grievance management
best practices

Grievances white-paper

Grievances should never evolve into crises

Effective Managing Grievance Process
Implement an effective and transparent process for managing grievances

Stakeholder risk management and social acceptance

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