Ease access to land and resources

Accessing land and resettling stakeholders is a critical yet complex phase for many development projects. Unfortunately, oversights and a lack of transparency can often lead to delays, cost overruns, and even fraud or work stoppages. The Land Access module greatly reduces these risks by giving teams the tools to manage all related activities from a single location according to a transparent and structured process.

Don't let your project get into
hot water with affected communities

Gain their trust instead, by making sure stakeholders receive the right
compensation packages on time, and in accordance with best practices.

Ensure everyone is working with the same set of rules – and be able to prove it
  • Capture compensation rates that have been agreed upon with community representatives, including a list of in-kind items that can be compensated.
  • Define multiple sets of rules based on assets, locations and project phase, along with details of upcoming resettlement and livelihood restoration activities.
  • Establish separate rules that need to be applied under specific circumstances.
  • Demonstrate efforts to restore livelihoods and improve standards of living of resettled persons, including that commitments have been met and payments made.
  • Build a rock-solid corporate memory to support decision-making and the success of future projects, regardless of the team in place.

Keep land access costs under control and on schedule

  • Define land request areas and bulk-load spatial data to calculate and display compensation activities on the map.
  • Organize and plan all cash and in-kind compensation activities.
  • Monitor land access and resettlement budgets, track commitments and payments, and maintain close control over expenses and obligations.
Speed up compensation while minimizing payment errors and the risk of fraud
  • Determine and validate the amount of money and value of in-kind support that should be distributed to stakeholders.
  • Group payments and in-kind deliveries in a logical and more efficient manner.
  • Enable compensation of both incidental damages and long-term land acquisition.
  • Maintain the trust of stakeholders by allowing payments to be put on hold if they have a complaint about compensation.

Features that simplify your land access activities

Enter, view, and manage stakeholder data, create tasks and search for communications
Record all emails and stakeholder contact info in Borealis straight from Outlook with just a click.
Let stakeholders easily file grievances online 24/7 (anonymously or not) and stay informed of their status.

Best practices in land access projects

Improving communication in complex compensation processes
Negotiating land agreements & compensation

Using technology to streamline land
acquisition & resettlement

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