Stakeholder Engagement
in the Oil & Gas sector

As the world presses for greener sources of energy, Oil and Gas companies are facing increasing regulation as well as pushback from communities, landowners, and elected officials. Whether an organization handles upstream, midstream, or downstream segments of production (or all of the above), managing stakeholder engagement effectively is a growing challenge. Fortunately, modern, fit-for-purpose tools help organizations:

Break down silos to see the big picture
Respect due diligence, regulations, and commitments
Create a lasting corporate memory over the entire life of a project
Quickly identify who you need to talk to

Over time, our business (like many others) has become more and more integrated. Land is no longer 'just land,' Environment is no longer 'just environment,' and Engineering is no longer 'just engineering' – they all overlap. We decided to implement a data management system that would centralize information across departments to break down silos. The ideal system would provide landowner data along with a record of last contact, damage releases that have been signed, and emergency contacts. At the same time, it would also help us monitor ongoing activities related to integrity work and outreach efforts from our engagement team, and stay on top of regulatory commitments. We found that Borealis answered this very essential need.

Learn how Borealis will help Trans Mountain fast-track stakeholder engagement in linear asset integrity projects.
Our cloud-based software goes far beyond customized systems, CRM, or online spreadsheets; it is an intuitive solution designed to save time and minimize workload.
Retrieve a complete history of interactions with any given stakeholder on demand to ensure that you’re fully informed to meet with them effectively.
Quickly create a distribution list from any activity (e.g., people who attended a public hearing, people who live within a certain distance of corporate assets, etc.) to target the right people with the right message at the right time.
Use built-in GIS capabilities to shorten your response time. Quickly identify stakeholders around infrastructure assets or other important geographical areas (indigenous lands, municipal districts, etc.) who need to be notified about upcoming maintenance work and other activities.
Use engagement plans to engage proactively with landowners, occupants, and regulatory authorities. Whether for inspections, compliance agreements, payments, package delivery, right of way negotiations, maintenance, etc.
The intuitive interface is easy to use, even for people who aren’t tech savvy. Borealis offers a number of different tools to simplify data entry, including a mobile application, email add-ins, and import templates that allow users to upload data in batch.
Generate professional, configurable reports in just a few clicks to simplify internal reporting compliance with regulatory requirements.
Instantly identify lists of parcels, owners and occupants, conditions for access, preferred communication methods and more within a configurable buffer zone (miles/km) around company assets. Thoroughly document commitments made to landowners and occupants to mitigate risks and ensure that non-compliance is never an issue.

Better manage compliance with oil & gas sector regulations and improve project outcomes with fit-for-purpose tools

We have onboarded hundreds of teams over the last 15 years. We’ll ensure your transition to Borealis software is smooth and successful, and support you every step of the way.

Fit-for-purpose software developed by experts with extensive field experience.
Instantly scalable: additional modules can be added as your needs evolve.
Personalized system configuration based on your specific needs.
Data is private, secure, and always accessible.
The intuitive interface is easy to use, even for people who aren’t tech savvy.
Software is constantly improved based on client feedback and industry best practices.
Multi-language onboarding, training, and support (English, French, and Spanish).

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