Our latest product update

This new version of the product includes:

Manage unsubscribe requests for Smart Communications

The smart communications add-on allows reaching out to numerous stakeholders simultaneously. Depending on the nature of your messages, you may want or need to offer a simple way for your stakeholders to tell you they do not want to receive these email messages.

Copy lists of email addresses to use in Outlook or Gmail

If you want to send an email to a group of stakeholders, you can now simply copy a list of email addresses in Borealis and simply paste it into the To, Cc, or Bcc box of the email you are sending.

Add Bcc email recipients to Borealis from the Outlook add-in

Speaking of the Outlook add-in, you can now record the Bcc recipients to the communication in Borealis. When you add any recipient in Bcc of your email, the add-in will offer you the option of recording these stakeholders as participants of the communication. You are free to decide if this is what you want or not.


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