Align social investments with your strategic corporate objectives

The Social Investment module improves the results of your social investment initiatives by providing a clearly defined and transparent process that makes it easier to create tangible value for both local communities and your organization.

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Demonstrate transparency and deliver quantifiable results for your social investment program

The Social investment Module can be a powerful tool for building and maintaining your social
license to operate, as well as for mitigating the social risks to a project’s success.


  • Set robust and transparent ground rules for your social investment programs like how requests will be assessed, what screening criteria will be used, and who will be responsible for what.
  • Define clear strategic objectives, policies, milestones and budgets, along with the expected benefits based on community needs.
  • Link your social investments to your corporate sustainable development goals
Investment Portfolio

Investment Portfolio

  • Track and assess your Community contributions requests such as donations, sponsorships, and scholarships.
  • Monitor your strategic community investments, like community development programs and capacity building initiative, to follow their progression according to milestones and objectives.
  • Analyze the expected benefits based on community needs and the assessment of projects based on pre-defined criteria and budgets.

Features that simplify your stakeholder engagement activities

Record all emails and stakeholder contact info in Borealis straight from Outlook with just a click.

Built-in reports

Demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders the impacts and equity of your commitments by reporting on investments made, including a visualization of the distribution of benefits on a map.

Improve your knowledge of social
investments best practices

Ensure your social investments align with community needs

Measure Outcomes Social Investment

Measure the sustainability and
outcomes of your social investments

Higher ESG Score

Turn Stakeholder Engagement into a Higher ESG Score

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Manage all aspects of environment,
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