Always know which local, state, and federal officials you need to engage with – and how to contact them

Whether you need to obtain permits, comply with regulations, secure public funding, or advocate for a cause, elected officials can have a significant impact on your project. You may need to engage with these influential stakeholders before planning a project in their jurisdiction, or contact them in case of an emergency involving one of your assets. Regular, open communication is key when it comes to these relationships, so it’s crucial to ensure that your stakeholder data is complete and up to date. The US Elected Officials Database is updated automatically to ensure that the stakeholder information you need is always at your fingertips.

The US Elected Officials database can help you engage more effectively to build stronger relationships with government officials and drive positive outcomes for your organization

Access current, up-to-date stakeholder data on demand

Because the database is automatically updated, there’s no need to manually create or modify records after an election. Newly elected officials are added to the database at the conclusion of an election, so teams can focus their outreach efforts on incoming leaders rather than outgoing politicians. When an official leaves office their record is deactivated – not deleted – to preserve the history of your interactions with them in that position.

Easily identify who you need to engage to minimize oversights

Because the Elected Officials database includes legislators for federal, state, and local governments, teams can be sure that they don’t accidentally overlook an influential stakeholder. The database makes it easy to identify all elected officials that may have an interest in your project based on the location of your assets and activities.

Quickly find legislators for a given region on a map

Each official’s legislative district is defined geographically, allowing users to easily identify relevant districts and the corresponding officials who represent them. This helps teams engage strategically with the right people in areas where assets are present, or activities are planned.

Customize records as needed

Users who can access the stakeholder register can view and update the records for elected officials normally, except for the fields that are automatically maintained (for example, an official’s name, party identification, and district). Teams can assign a relationship manager, enter additional contact information, apply categorization, attach documents, and perform most other operations with records from the database. (Access to sensitive data such as personal contact information and private communications can be restricted on a ‘need-to-know’ basis using the Borealis Team Data Segregation add-on.)

Efficiently manage relationships and streamline communications with elected officials

The Elected Officials database integrates seamlessly with Borealis. Users can perform stakeholder assessments and easily add elected officials (and/or their chiefs of staff) to distribution lists, smart communications, engagement plans, and more. Teams can quickly identify the officials they need to reach out to and plan appropriate strategies to educate them about a project, request input, address concerns, and determine which issues are most likely to influence outcomes in their districts.

Monitor support for your project to engage proactively

Use our integrated stakeholder mapping tool to assess key officials’ support for a project and monitor changes to their interest and influence over time. This knowledge can be used to adjust outreach strategies as needed, for example, to engage proactively with officials who have not yet taken a position on an important issue.

Use advanced reporting tools for better data analysis

The advanced reporting tools in Borealis make it easy to monitor and measure the outcomes of your engagement activities. Data can be analyzed by stakeholder type, date, location, or strategy. Use these insights to understand how elected officials respond to your outreach efforts, and adjust your strategies as needed to achieve better outcomes.

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The US Elected Officials database can be added to the Borealis Stakeholder Engagement Module

Our core Stakeholder Engagement Module can help you engage more effectively to build stronger relationships with government officials and drive positive outcomes for your organization.

  • Build engagement plans based on reliable data
  • Record and track all issues, engagements, and commitments
  • Easily monitor and measure the outcomes of your engagement activities
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