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Protect your social license to operate by meeting local employment and business development targets

Protect your social license to operate by meeting local employment and business development targets

Local employment requirements are an inherent part of many extractive and other large-scale projects. But without a well-planned process in place, demonstrating compliance with local employment and business development commitments can be difficult and even put your social license to operate at risk.

The Local Content Module reduces this risk by providing a structured and transparent process for managing all local employment and capacity-building activities in a single, user-friendly location.


Set the ground rules for your local employment and business development programs. Define and manage recruiting, tendering, and screening policies, the criteria for evaluating applications, and local business development policies.


Track all recruitment campaigns deployed to communicate job opportunities fairly to local candidates. Register multiple job offers from the company and its subcontractors, the list of candidates applying for the job, screening activities and results, and all employment contracts awarded – including their associated terms of employment for any local employment initiatives associated with the project.


Initiate and manage capacity-building activities for local populations and businesses, including related costs, competencies and/or certifications obtained, and feedback provided.


Build a valuable corporate memory that will strengthen decision-making and help to ensure the success of future local employment and capacity-building efforts, regardless of the team in place.


Create, track, and manage accurate lists of candidates, job-seekers, and businesses in the local supply chain, along with their respective skills.


Register all contract opportunities being offered by the company and the list of businesses applying for tender. Record the details of each offer, the results of the tender evaluation based on predefined criteria, details of the awarded contracts and the resulting local benefits. Track supplier performance over time through periodic audits conducted based on predefined criteria.


Produce reports and maps at a moment’s notice to demonstrate compliance with local content commitments to lenders, governments and communities. Demonstrate local benefits and performance using data from the company as well as from external contractors and subcontractors.


Implement effective local employment programs

Apply fair and transparent hiring and tendering processes

Efficiently hire large groups of people in a short period of time

Demonstrate a fair demobilization process upon site closure

Working with local teams and businesses is key to social acceptance.
See how one oil & gas project in Chad is building transparent and trusted relationships with local communities.

Let our team demonstrate how our local content modules can simplify and improve your existing practices for local recruitment and tendering processes.