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Transforming Australian Government Stakeholder Engagement: Overcoming Challenges with Technology​

How fit-for-purpose technology can help your team​

Host : Bart Lambert

Wednesday, September 20
9 – 10am AEST


Mastering Stakeholder Management: How to Leverage Fit-for-purpose Software

Host : Shivansh Vashisht
Wednesday, November 1, 2023
11:30-12 am EDT

On demand Webinars

Host – Francis Dupont

July 6, 2023 – Time: 39 mins

Breezing through Landholder Engagements in Renewable Energy Projects

Discover the key to unlocking success in Australian renewable energy projects. From the early planning stages to the renewal phases, the challenges faced by energy teams are multiple. However, there is a game-changing solution that can be adopted at every step of your project. Join our expert host Francis in exploring how leveraging fit-for-purpose software can positively change your project, both in terms of your team’s efficiency and the social acceptability of your stakeholders. 
Breezing through Landholder Engagements in Renewable Energy Projects
Host – François Robichaud
May 25, 2023 – Time: 56 mins
EU Renewable Energy Projects: Strategies and Tools for Successful Engagement

If you work in the renewable energy sector you know how competitive the landscape has become to secure funding and permits for developing new projects. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how a fit-for-purpose software solution can be a major competitive advantage for organisations who need to master stakeholder engagement.
EU Renewable Energy Projects: Strategies and Tools for Successful Engagement
Host – Christine E. Crowe
April 27, 2023 – Time: 49 mins

Stakeholder Engagement and Public Outreach Requirements in Energy Projects

Modernizing energy infrastructure to meet growing demand is already a challenge, but project developers also need to navigate a constantly changing regulatory environment. This is particularly true when it comes to public participation, community engagement, and demonstrating social acceptance. In this webinar, Christine will share real-world examples and best practices to demonstrate how fit-for-purpose tools and a proven methodology can help teams work more efficiently and stay ahead of new legislation.

Stakeholder engagement and public outreach requirements in energy projects

Host – Louis Lieutenant

November 02, 2022 – Time: 60 mins

Fast-Track Stakeholder Engagement for Linear Asset Integrity Projects

During the 60 minute session, we focus primarily on demonstrating how new software improvements can help organizations in the energy, transport, and oil and gas sector, operationalize stakeholder engagement for linear asset projects.

Host – Christine E. Crowe

April 13, 2022 – Time: 27 mins

How to Operationalize ​ Stakeholder Engagement in Energy and Infrastructure Projects 

The increasing regulations surrounding Infrastructure and Energy projects are challenging organizations to step up their game in the new era of Stakeholder Management. Discover how fit-for-purpose tools and a proven methodology can help mitigate social impact risk.​​

Host – Christine E. Crowe

July 07, 2021 – Time: 28 mins

Managing Complex Stakeholder Relations Around Infrastructure Projects

The ongoing nature of infrastructure projects creates unique challenges for stakeholder engagement professionals. Find out how fit-for-purpose tools and a proven methodology can help improve outcomes.

Host – François Robichaud

May 20, 2021 – Time: 42 mins

How External Affairs and Government Relations Teams Can Improve their Stakeholder Engagement Practices

Discover new ways for public and government affairs teams to manage stakeholder engagement challenges in a growing industry. Learn how Borealis software can help your organization develop and maintain stakeholder trust, improve engagement outcomes, and comply with GDPR regulations.

Host – Louis Lieutenant

Oct. 09, 2020 – Time: 33 mins

How to efficiently track stakeholder communications in an evolving world
Learn how the Borealis core methodology can help you engage more strategically with your stakeholders. See how our fit-for-purpose software solution can improve productivity and engagement outcomes.

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