Grievance Management Software & Feedback Portal

Make it easy for stakeholders to share their grievances

The Grievance and Feedback Portal feature is a system that facilitates grievance management. It gives stakeholders an easy self-serve online platform for filing grievances or any other kind of feedback on your project. It then automatically records all this information in Borealis for follow-up and resolution.

  • Keep stakeholder records complete
  • Comply with project requirements
  • Implement a transparent grievance mechanism
  • Provide an anonymous way to fill in a grievance

With a Grievance management software and its connected feedback portal, you can find out what stakeholders REALLY think about your project and avoid grievances to escalate into crisis.

Facilitate stakeholder interactions

Give stakeholders an easy-to-use self-serve online platform that lets them file grievances and track their status 24/7.

Lighten grievance tracking workload

Eliminate the need to manually enter grievances. This feature connects seamlessly to your existing grievances workflow in Borealis.

Standardize grievance management processes

Manage all grievances in the same rigorous way. Grievances entered in the portal follow the same assessment and escalation process as any other grievance.

Allow anonymity

Empower stakeholders to file grievances anonymously and still receive status updates and responses, without compromising their identity.

Configure as needed

Brand and configure the portal to your needs, including fields, text and drop-down menus; everything will be automatically mapped to the fields used in Borealis.

Collect other feedback

Easily adapt the portal to collect other types of feedback: comments, praise, suggestions, etc. The portal offers endless options for seeking out community ideas, preferences and more.

The online grievance and feedback portal gives us yet another stakeholder-friendly channel for collecting their complaints, requests, suggestions and grievances – and yes, praise as well. Unlike all our other channels, however, this one lets them submit comments anonymously. It’s helping us line up with human rights guidelines and  build more trusted relationships with stakeholders, who are at the heart of our success.

The Grievance and Feedback Portal is part of the Borealis Issue and Complaint Management Module

The Issue and Complaint Management Module allows teams to implement a structured and transparent process for handling grievances according to industry regulations and best practices.

  • Ensure grievance response & improve closing times
  • Build trust with stakeholders
  • Mitigate the social risks to project success
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Find out how implementing a grievance tracking software and its feedback portal can help you improve all aspects of managing stakeholder grievances.