Stakeholder Management Plan

Connect your engagement strategy to stakeholder engagement activities

This feature lets you break your engagement plan down into a series of actionable activities and assign tasks to your team. It’s structured to give you a real-time view of your progress as the project unfolds which allows you to quickly adjust course as needed. Proper planning will help you minimize oversights, eliminate duplicated efforts, and simplify the reporting process.

The Engagement Plan feature will help you map a route to the finish line using components created with stakeholder engagement specialists in mind.


Over the course of your project you may need to engage with different groups of stakeholders in different ways or moments. Creating activities is a great way to do it. Simply link the stakeholders you need to communicate with, define a time frame or frequency and Borealis will automatically generate the engagement tasks to keep everything on track.

Each activity includes detailed information about its specific goal:

  • Who to contact
  • What key messages need to be communicated
  • When and how often to contact the person
  • The desired engagement level


Team member can be assigned tasks relating to the stakeholders they manage. The « task status » tool helps them – and their team leader – monitor their progress: what’s done, what’s coming up, and what’s overdue. Users can even sync their tasks with their Outlook Calendar to be sure they never miss a beat.


Users can enter follow-ups to add notes and link communications to activities. This allows team members to see when the last interaction with any given stakeholder took place, and any important details of the interaction. Documenting follow-ups ensures that your team will have a clear picture of your relationship with each stakeholder.

Monitor and report

Easily track the progress of your engagement activities to gain and maintain social acceptance. Create and share compelling reports for lenders and management in moments.


From engagement strategy to action plan

You should think of stakeholder engagement just like you would think of any other business function – as something that needs to be carefully managed. This guide will show you how to turn your stakeholder engagement strategy into an effective, actionable plan to help ensure successful project delivery.

The Engagement Plan feature is included in the Borealis Stakeholder Engagement core module

Borealis Stakeholder Engagement Module helps teams simplify and standardize their processes in order to build trust with stakeholders and improve engagement outcomes. Plan, record, monitor and measure your engagement activities and centralize the data on a single platform that is instantly accessible from any device.

  • Always know who your stakeholders are and where they stand
  • Build engagement plans based on reliable data
  • Record and track all issues, engagements and commitments
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