Stakeholder Engagement in the Mining sector

Although the mining and metals industry has experienced considerable growth in recent years, mining projects still face major challenges, from gaining and maintaining social license to operate, managing compliance with government regulations, monitoring ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues, and managing stakeholder relations over the project life cycle. Fortunately, mining companies now have access to modern, fit-for-purpose tools that allow them to manage stakeholder relationships more quickly, conveniently, and effectively.
Manage relationships with many diverse stakeholder groups
Create a record of engagements over the entire life of the project
See the bigger picture: a complete 360° view of stakeholders
Understand the bigger picture and easily generate reports
Learn how adopting fit-for-purpose tools helped Yamana comply with provincial regulations, secure social acceptance, and get more value out of their community engagement data.
Our cloud-based software goes far beyond customized systems, CRM, or online spreadsheets; it is an intuitive solution designed to save time and minimize workload.

Never lose sight of communication, commitments, engagements, or promises made throughout all the steps of your project.

Thoroughly document commitments made to environmental groups and local communities to mitigate risks and ensure that non-compliance is never an issue.

Track and report on local investments and link this information directly to stakeholder records, so you can always see the bigger picture.

Use engagement plans to engage proactively: with ocean users and government agencies during the permitting process, with landowners and residents who need to be contacted before construction begins, and with coastal, state, and local port authorities over the life of the project.

The intuitive interface is easy to use, even for people who aren’t tech savvy. Borealis offers a number of different tools to simplify data entry, including a mobile application, email add-ins, and import templates that allow users to upload data in batch.
Generate professional, configurable reports in just a few clicks to simplify internal reporting compliance with regulatory requirements.
Respond quickly and proactively, even when you’re on the road. Offline mode lets you create communications in the system when you don’t have access to a reliable Internet connection.

Better manage compliance with mining regulations and improve project outcomes with fit-for-purpose tools

We’ve onboarded hundreds of teams over the last 15 years. We’ll ensure your transition to Borealis software is smooth and successful, and support you every step of the way.

Fit-for-purpose software developed by experts with extensive field experience.
Instantly scalable: additional modules can be added as your needs evolve.
Personalized system configuration based on your specific needs.
Data is private, secure, and always accessible.
The intuitive interface is easy to use, even for people who aren’t tech savvy.
Software is constantly improved based on client feedback and industry best practices.
Multi-language onboarding, training, and support (English, French, and Spanish).
Supporting your long- term success
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Find out how Borealis stakeholder engagement software helps mining organizations get more out of their stakeholder engagement activities.

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