Know exactly where you stand with project stakeholders, at a glance.

Most engagement teams accumulate a wealth of stakeholder data over the course of a project, but few make full use of it. Borealis Analytics turns your untapped data into clear insights to help you make strategic decisions and better prioritize everyday activities.

  • Create custom graphs & maps for any dataset
  • Keep a closer eye on KPIs
  • Track trends and spot changes in real-time
  • Instantly generate reports that are easy to understand


The Analytics tool finds the hidden meaning in complex data, so you don't ever have to guess what your next step should be.

The Analytics tool finds the hidden meaning in complex data… no need to guess what your next step should be.

Always see the big picture

Create dashboards to monitor the progress of your stakeholder engagement strategies in real time. Use one of the built-in templates or custom build your own. Mix & match graphs, maps and calendars, and apply filters as needed. You can even determine their size and position on-screen to keep the most important information front and center.

Display only the data that you need to see. Drill deeper with just a click.

Use dynamic filters to customize the content in maps, graphs or calendars so that you can focus on necessary information. Click on any field to access more detailed information. With Borealis, your stakeholder information is always at your fingertips, ready when you need it.

Engage more meaningfully with stakeholders

Map your stakeholders based on different criteria to better understand their interests, issues, influence and opinions – and how they’ve changed over time.


Generate professional reports in just a few clicks

Create up-to-the moment reports on demand

Access important information in real time, even on the go. Filter your data in just a few clicks so you’re always prepared to answer tough questions on the spot – for example, at a public hearing.

Easily export reports to share outside of Borealis

Easily share records and reports right from Borealis. Flag salient points and add notes to offer additional context. If you want to share records or reports with people who don’t use Borealis (such as external stakeholders), you can easily export them as PDF, Excel, or image (JPG, SVG, or PNG) files. Sharing information has never been so easy!

Scheduled reports

Configure Borealis to send regular reports on social performance and other important KPIs directly to your inbox. You can also send custom reports automatically to other members of your team, or to management.

Monitor performance

How well is your team doing? What topics should you focus on in the coming weeks? Are there any unresolved grievances you need to address to keep operations running smoothly? Your monthly social performance report will answer these questions, and more. All you need to do is use the system normally, and Borealis will send you a monthly email showing your statistics for the past 3 months. This will help you make sure that operations are on track, and that you know where to focus your efforts to keep it that way.

Visualize your data in the
way that’s most useful to you.

Visualize your data in the
way that’s most useful to you.

Mapping and GIS
Display data on a map to view stakeholders, engagement activities, issues, and other important information by location (or in relation to corporate assets).

Build custom tables based on parameters of your choice. Sort and filter your data as needed

Define and monitor KPIs to track important indicators, like average grievance resolution time, number of communications per month, and event attendance rate.
Add calendars to your dashboards to monitor the progress of planned communications, schedule team meetings, prepare for upcoming events, and even keep track of stakeholders’ birthdays.

Different types of data are best visualized in different ways. Choose the widget type best suited for your needs.

  • Half donut
  • Scatter
  • Spline
  • Horizontal
  • Pyramid
  • Pie
  • Bar
  • Area
Extract detailed summaries of data in the system to highlight important information. Generate professional, easily readable reports to inform decisions, report to management, and otherwise demonstrate the value of your work to people outside your immediate team.
Combination Charts

Borealis allows users to combine charts by merging existing widgets or by creating a chart with multiple indicators from scratch. This flexibility makes it easier to interpret data, highlight trends, and ultimately helps users make better, more informed decisions.

Users can combine compatible charts of the following types:

  • Area
  • Area spline
  • Bars
  • Horizontal bars
  • Line
  • Spline

The Analytics tool is a key feature of Borealis stakeholder engagement software

Borealis is a fit-for-purpose stakeholder management system that allows teams to manage all aspects of stakeholder engagement in one place, improving efficiency and collaboration. All modules are fully integrated to help organizations manage communications, grievances, issues, community investments, and more from a single, centralized database. The platform is instantly scalable, so you can easily add modules and/or features to address other aspects of corporate social responsibility as your needs evolve.
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