Social Impact Assessment

Prove the positive social and economic impacts of your project

Prove the positive social and economic impacts of your project

The Social Impact Assessment Module helps managers of land acquisition and redevelopment projects, infrastructure projects (especially in the extractive industries), and social performance programs to comply with global best practices such as the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) performance standards, and establish performance indicators that quantify, predict potential impact, and measure actual impact over time.


Plan all social assessments for a project in one place to easily track study objectives, methodology and participants, and get an overview of the data collected for each assessment.


Centralize data – socio-economic survey results, list of heritage and cultural sites, detailed list of stakeholder assets for compensation, etc. – collected over the lifetime of your project for thorough analysis.


Easily generate lenders’ reports, corporate reports, and compliance reports according to international guidelines such as Social Impact Assessment (SIA), the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).


Identify and monitor project impact on vulnerable people and groups to better support their needs.


Analyze the impacted region’s economic and cultural changes over time to identify risks and opportunities.


Comply with lender requirements, regulations, and industry standards
Reduce liabilities due to poor risk assessment
Prove your project’s positive social and economic impact

Demonstrate livelihood restoration or transition efforts

See how you can leverage social impact assessment data to improve your stakeholder engagement activities

Let our team demonstrate how our module can simplify and improve your social impact assessment.