Demonstrate the positive social and economic impacts of your project

The Social Baseline module helps identify potential socio-economic risks at the project development phase and plan accordingly to minimize their impacts. It measures the actual effects of a project on stakeholders and the environment, making it easier to manage compensations equitably, and helps organizations comply with global best practices.

See the big picture of your project’s
actual impacts over time

Plan, capture, measure, monitor, and report on the social and environmental impacts of your
activities over the lifetime of your project, including their effects on vulnerable people.

Reduce liabilities due to poor risk assessment

  • Identify the main social characteristics of impacted communities as well as strategic development opportunities.
  • Predict how the project will be affected by its social context and how local populations will cope with project impacts over time.
  • Centralize and standardize information about social impact coming from various sources.
  • Plan all social assessments for a project in one place to easily track study objectives.
Prove your project’s positive social and economic impact
  • Identify and monitor project impact on vulnerable people to better support their needs.
  • Analyze potential social impacts and implement measures to mitigate adverse effects and enhance benefits.
  • Demonstrate livelihood restoration or transition efforts.

Track the impacts of your activities over time and adjust course as needed

  • Centralize all the data collected over the lifetime of your project, from survey results to detailed lists of stakeholder assets for compensation, for thorough analysis.

  • Analyze economic and cultural changes in the affected region over time to identify risks and opportunities.

  • Get an overview of the data collected for each assessment.

  • Use the data collected over time to inform decision-making.



Comply with lender requirements, regulations, and industry standards

  • Easily generate lenders’ reports, corporate reports, and compliance reports according to international guidelines such as Social Impact Assessment (SIA), the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

Features that simplify social assessment

Easily share records & reports
It’s easy to share records and reports with colleagues in Borealis; you can even flag important points and add notes to offer more context. If you want to share the information with non-Borealis users (like external stakeholders) you can export the data as Excel or PDF files.
Built-in / customizable dashboards
Create your own monitoring dashboards from the built-in templates or make your own from scratch. Include KPIs, maps, tasks, lists, and graphs – whatever you need to keep an eye on. Add or modify dashboards as your project evolves over time.

Improve your knowledge
and best practices

Sherritt Case study: Using technology to meet strict stakeholder and environmental reporting requirements

Social Baseline in the Extractive Industries: Benefits of implementing a social IMS

FPIC : Free, prior, and informed consent in the mining and oil & gas sectors

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Find out how the Social Baseline module can simplify and improve your social impact assessment.

Manage all aspects of environment,
social, and governance from a single platform.
Simply add other modules as needed.