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Say goodbye to missteps and missed opportunities

Manage public affairs, shape lobbying agendas, influence regulations & policies, and support your advocacy campaigns – all from a single application.

  • Record all stakeholder information, documents & interactions – both in-person and online
  • Access & record information on the go with mobile app
  • Link lobbying campaigns with tasks & workflows to coordinate activities
  • Use the relationship network chart to view & understand your influencer landscape
  • Easily generate reports for all levels of your organization

Use case in the rail industry

CN is a Canadian Class I freight railway that works hard to be a good neighbor to stakeholders in thousands of communities. See how Borealis contributes to their goal of establishing and maintaining productive, long-term relationships with communities and governments. 

Features that simplify public affairs and government relations activities

Business card scan
Create a new stakeholder record by simply taking a photo of an individual’s business card with the Borealis mobile app.
Target the right stakeholders with critical company communications, reduce manual work, and chances of mistakes.
Record all emails and stakeholder contact info in Borealis straight from Outlook with just a click.

Get access to up-to-date informations of US elected officials at both Federal and/or State levels, excluding Congress committees and Department officials.

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Improve public affairs and
government relations outcomes

With easy-to-use, purpose-built modules ready to be configured to your needs

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Borealis Stakeholder Engagement Software

Be more informed, proactive and responsible when engaging with policy makers and other stakeholders. Add other modules as needed to better manage your regulatory and social risks.


Social Investment

Align social investments with strategic corporate objectives. 

Land Management

Link engagement plans and stakeholders to project assets and infrastrucutre


Compliance Management

Simplify compliance with regulatory and other requirements.

Empower public affairs and government relations teams with information and tools to develop long-term, trusted relations with stakeholders

Use Borealis software to also improve
Stakeholder Engagement outcomes for

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Learn how using Borealis software for government relation and public affairs can help you build your reputation as trustworthy partner in the public dialogue.

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Digital by Default: How digitization is redefining public affairs and government relations

GDPR Compliance: How Borealis Software Can Help

Improve Stakeholder Mapping and Management by Breaking Down Silos with Borealis

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