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Work in Borealis on the go

Access and update your stakeholder data in Borealis from anywhere. No need to come back into the office. The Borealis mobile app is an indispensable tool for Borealis software users who spend a lot of time out and about engaging with stakeholders.

Take your Borealis stakeholder data wherever you go

The Borealis mobile app puts all the information you need right at your fingertips, making it easier to engage in more meaningful and trusted relationships with stakeholders. Access and update your records in Borealis on the spot to minimize oversights and keep your stakeholder data complete. The app makes it easy. All you need is a smartphone and access to the internet

Create, access & edit records

Create and consult communications, individuals, organizations & tasks. Open a communication to view all participants & attached documents. Prepare for meetings with stakeholders and answer their questions with confidence.


Minimize oversights

Just finished speaking with a stakeholder? Immediately enter the details of the discussion while it’s still fresh in your mind. No more forgetting key details. You can even enter the information in front of stakeholders to show you’re taking their concerns seriously.

Scan business cards

Just met a new stakeholder? Create a new stakeholder record by simply snapping a photo of their business card. All contact information will be automatically entered in the relevant contact fields.


Attach evidence to records

Take photos associated with a complaint or a headshot to identify individuals more easily (handy during community consultations). Easily attach them to a specific record in Borealis, along with comments to provide an extra level of clarity for other team members who might need to follow up later.

Enter information by voice

Speed up administrative work by recording details of discussions with stakeholders by voice while walking back to your car.


Offline mode (add-on feature)

If you need to document communications when you’re in the field or meeting with stakeholders in remote locations, we’ve got you covered! Offline mode lets you create communications in the system when you don’t have access to a reliable internet connection. They will automatically be synced to Borealis when you connect to a network.
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The Borealis mobile app in is one of many features available with Borealis stakeholder engagement software

Borealis stakeholder engagement software is jam-packed with user-friendly features and add-ins designed to improve the quality of your stakeholder data. Borealis adapts to how you like to work, giving you the tools to spend less time managing data and more time improving relationships with stakeholders.
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