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Stakeholder Engagement in the Energy & Utilities Sector

Energy and Utilities companies face two major challenges in the coming decades: the global demand for power, which is increasing at an unprecedented rate, and the need for cleaner sources of energy to help mitigate climate change. Consumers and other stakeholders often have strong feelings about these issues and expect to have a say in when, where, and how investments are made. To manage the many, often conflicting interests and find solutions that everyone can live with, organizations will need to rely heavily on SRM best practices.
Efficiently manage relationships with many diverse stakeholder groups

Generate meaningful reports on demand to meet regulatory requirements and prove due diligence

Create a record of engagements over the entire life of the project
Break down silos to improve visibility and collaboration between project teams
Étude de cas - Hydro One -2023
Learn how implementing Borealis has helped Hydro One more efficiently prepare environmental assessments, manage consultations with Indigenous communities, and facilitate reporting.

Our cloud-based software goes far beyond customized systems, CRM, or online spreadsheets; it is an intuitive solution designed to save time and minimize workload.

Never lose sight of communications, interactions, or other engagements with stakeholders over the entire life of your project. Historical data is easily accessible.

Add land parcels, zones, and other units to your map to quickly visualize where your stakeholders are located in relation to corporate assets. Assign buffer zones around transmission lines to quickly identify who you need to engage with before starting construction, conducting inspections, or carrying out maintenance work.

Quickly create a distribution list (e.g., people who attended a public hearing, elected officials, stakeholders who oppose your project, etc.) to target the right people with the right message at the right time. Automatically document communications in the system to create a complete, transparent, and traceable record.

Thoroughly document commitments made to stakeholders and indigenous communities to mitigate risks and ensure that non-compliance is never an issue. Efficiently manage Community Benefits Agreements to easily apply for subsidies and comply with regulatory requirements.

Build trust with local communities and mitigate social risks. The Borealis Issue and Complaint Management module provides a structured, transparent process to help teams handle grievances in a timely and effective manner, based on industry best practices.  
Create a professional Record of Consultation report in just a few clicks. Streamline the Environmental Assessment process to minimize manual work and easily meet regulatory requirements.

The intuitive interface is easy to use, even for people who aren’t tech savvy. Borealis offers a number of different tools to simplify data entry, including a mobile application, email add-ins, and import templates that allow users to upload data in batch.

Better manage compliance with energy regulations and improve project outcomes with fit-for-purpose tools

We’ve onboarded hundreds of teams over the last 20 years. We’ll ensure your transition to Borealis software is smooth and successful, and support you every step of the way.

Fit-for-purpose software developed by experts with extensive field experience.
Instantly scalable: additional modules can be added as your needs evolve.
Personalized system configuration based on your specific needs.
Data is private, secure, and always accessible.
The intuitive interface is easy to use, even for people who aren’t tech savvy.
Software is constantly improved based on client feedback and industry best practices.
Multi-language onboarding, training, and support (English, French, and Spanish).
Supporting your long- term success
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Find out how Borealis stakeholder engagement software helps energy and utilities projects get more out of their stakeholder engagement activities.

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