Gain a clear picture of your relationships with stakeholders with Borealis stakeholder mapping

Stakeholder mapping helps you assess stakeholders based on different parameters like influence, power, network capacity, and level of interest. Each stakeholder map in Borealis reflects an assessment at a certain point in time. Stakeholder maps will change and evolve over the life of a project.

Easily build as many stakeholder maps as you need – by project, by community, or by topic – and monitor their evolution over time.

Assess stakeholder position

Borealis lets you assess stakeholders using up to 12 axes such as:
  • Position
  • Impact
  • Importance
  • Influence
  • Reach
  • Legitimacy
  • Priority
  • Interest

Track evolution over time

Monitor changes to a stakeholder’s level of interest and influence over the course of a project.

Engage strategically

Use stakeholder mapping to quickly inform your engagement strategies. For example, you can prepare a messaging campaign targeting highly influential stakeholders in just a few clicks.

How Stakeholder Mapping Tools Can Improve Your Stakeholder Management

Check out our ‘crash course’ on stakeholder mapping! Learn when, how and why to map your stakeholders. Borealis software includes tools and templates to simplify the process and helps you build more insightful stakeholder maps.

Stakeholder Mapping is part of the Borealis Stakeholder Engagement module

The Borealis Stakeholder Engagement Module helps teams simplify and standardize their processes in order to build trust with stakeholders and improve engagement outcomes. Plan, record, monitor and measure your engagement activities and centralize the data on a single platform that is instantly accessible from any device.

  • Always know who your stakeholders are and where they stand
  • Build engagement plans based on reliable data
  • Record and track all issues, engagements and commitments
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Find out how Borealis stakeholder mapping can help you create more dynamic, actionable stakeholder engagement strategies.