compliance management

Simplify the regulatory compliance process

The Compliance Management module reduces the risk of noncompliance. It provides a structured, transparent process to help organizations manage compliance according to industry best practices

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Meet legal obligations more efficiently and confidently

This module allows corporate managers and operational users to register, plan, inspect and follow up on compliance with all applicable social and environmental requirements, regulations and standards.

Improve compliance planning and processes

  • Capture all compliance documents and agreements that apply to a project (e.g., internal policies, government regulations, obligations from lenders, and any other project requirements).
  • Register all conditions that must be met, along with their target time frames so compliance efforts can be tracked (and corrected if needed) in a timely manner.
  • Set clear ground rules for managing compliance.
  • Define specific criteria that will be used to measure compliance against established conditions over time.
  • Schedule single and recurring inspection plans in advance.
  • Set up alerts to remind teams about upcoming inspections.

Be prepared for audits

Verify your level of conformity with internal and external requirements. Document the results with supporting evidence, including any recommended corrective actions that can be taken to prevent future instances of non-compliance.

Monitor activities and easily prove compliance

  • Categorize and assign compliance conditions to specific departments. Specify the level of risk associated with non-compliance for each condition.
  • Monitor the ongoing status of all compliance conditions. Capture details of all related activities to serve as evidence of compliance.
  • Make the most of the information collected during inspections and audits. Recommend corrective actions to get things back on track in case certain project elements are not meeting compliance standards.
  • Demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders (such as vendors, lenders, government regulatory agencies and others) that you are meeting your obligations within the target time frames.

Features that simplify your regulatory and compliance management

Easily share records & reports
Easily share records and reports with colleagues, management or regulatory bodies directly from Borealis. You can flag salient points and add notes to offer more context. Extract compelling reports in PDF to send to non-Borealis users.
Minimize the risk of non-compliance and near-misses with configurable dashboards that make it easy to keep a close eye on upcoming regulatory events. Extract reports of your compliance data in just a few clicks.
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Increase your knowledge in regulatory and compliance management best practices


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