Stakeholder Engagement Management

Manage stakeholder engagement and strengthen your strategy

The Stakeholder Engagement module in Borealis gives you the tools you need to build more effective engagement plans, improve relationships with stakeholders and align processes with industry best practices.

  • Stakeholder Engagement Module

Focus on stakeholder relationship management.
Let Borealis manage your data.

The Stakeholder Engagement module centralizes all stakeholder data and
keeps it right at your fingertips to simplify day-to-day tasks.

Always know who your stakeholders are and where they stand

  • Create a central registry of all individuals, organizations and households that are stakeholders in your project.
  • Map them along with their affiliations to better understand their influence and concerns.
  • Use the handy reporting features to give management a real-time picture of the ever-evolving stakeholder landscape.
Improve Stakeholder Relationships Borealis
Engagement Plans Borealis

Build engagement plans on reliable data

  • Build separate engagement plans for key individuals and stakeholder groups.
  • Link these plans to project assets and objectives.
  • Plan upcoming tasks, delegate team members and send automatic reminders to staff to avoid oversights.
  • Monitor workloads and track team progress to quickly adjust course if needed.

Record and track all issues, engagements and commitments

  • Easily record all interactions that take place with stakeholders, whether in person, by phone/SMS, in emails or even on social media.
  • Link them to the appropriate engagement plan for a lasting institutional memory.
  • Access these records at any time to ensure timely and appropriate followup.
Communications Borealis

Features that simplify your stakeholder engagement activities

Record all emails and stakeholder contact info in Borealis straight from Outlook with just a click.

Quickly send out personalized emails to multiple stakeholders based on selected criteria.

Enter, view, and manage stakeholder data, create tasks and search for communications from any location on your mobile device.

  • Borealis Mobile App

Improve your knowledge
of stakeholder engagement
best practices

Step by Step Guide

Step-by-step guide for building a solid stakeholder engagement plan

Maintain Constructive Relationship

Maintaining constructive relationships with stakeholders

Stakeholder Engagement Methodology

Gains that can be Achieved with the Stakeholder Engagement Methodology

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