How to engage stakeholders and strengthen your strategy

The Stakeholder Engagement module in Borealis gives you the tools to build more effective stakeholder engagement plans, improve relationships with stakeholders and align processes with industry best practices.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Module

Focus on stakeholder
relationship management.
Let Borealis manage your data.

The Stakeholder Engagement Management module centralizes all stakeholder data
and keeps it right at your fingertips to simplify day-to-day tasks.
Always know who your stakeholders are and where they stand
  • Create a central registry of all individuals, organizations and households that are stakeholders in your project.
  • Unify all your stakeholder information under one platform by importing their information from your other databases quickly and easily.
  • Map them along with their affiliations to better understand their influence and concerns.
  • Use the handy reporting features to give management a real-time picture of the ever-evolving stakeholder relationship landscape.
Build stakeholder engagement plans on reliable data
  • Get real-time view of your progress on stakeholder engagement activities as the project unfolds, and quickly adjust course as needed.
  • Build separate engagement plans for key individuals and stakeholder groups.
  • Link your plans to project assets and objectives.
  • Plan upcoming stakeholder management tasks, delegate team members and send automatic reminders to staff to avoid oversights.
  • Monitor workloads and track team progress to quickly adjust course if needed.

Record and track all engagements and communications

  • Easily record all interactions with stakeholders, whether in person, by phone/SMS, in emails or even on social media. Keep your notes on your discussions in one place for ease of access.
  • Link them to the appropriate stakeholder engagement management plan for a lasting institutional memory.
  • Access these records at any time to ensure timely and appropriate follow-up.
A single, integrated platform ensures your whole stakeholder management team is on the same page, while customizable dashboards give individual team members access to data critical to them.

The network of interacting stakeholders in a large project can quickly become overwhelming. Your teams must be able to work successfully with everyone who has an interest in your project: government agencies, regulatory bodies, NGOs, local businesses, labor unions, the community, the media, Indigenous leaders, activist organizations, special interest groups, and internal stakeholders, to name just a few.

Analyzing the stakeholder landscape is only the beginning of forging successful stakeholder relationships. Your teams will need to identify and monitor their interests and opinions about various aspects of your project, track communications, plan future communications, and manage all this in an environment of rapid change.

What is stakeholder engagement?

Whether developing a new pipeline, constructing a highway or building a new landfill site, your project will impact many people and organizations. From local residents to Indigenous & environmental groups to politicians at every level of government, each stakeholder has concerns and input to be heard and addressed. Engaging with these groups, called stakeholder engagement, is a long-term, multi-faceted process which can be difficult to manage and keep track of, as the participants, circumstances and issues are fluid and ever-changing.

Borealis has been recognized as the market’s most advanced stakeholder engagement software and is home to the largest community of practice in building and maintaining stakeholder relationships. With its integrated analytics, mobile-ready applications, and user-friendly interface, everyone on your project can work with the latest and most complete stakeholder information.

Getting on top of your stakeholder relationships will help you get ahead of emerging issues and generate solutions that will meet the needs of everyone involved.

Features that simplify your stakeholder engagement activities

Record all emails and stakeholder contact info in Borealis straight from your email environment with just a few clicks and whether you use Outlook or Gmail.
Quickly send out personalized emails to multiple stakeholders based on selected criteria and keep track of those communications
Enter, view, and manage stakeholder data, create tasks and search for communications from any location on your mobile device.
Connections to
Other Apps

Easily connect your other business-related apps to the Borealis app to improve your workflows and ensure nothing gets overlooked.

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Improve your knowledge of stakeholder engagement best practices

With over 15 years in the industry, Borealis has built a highly regarded community of practice in stakeholder engagement. Learn more about stakeholder engagement best practices and how our tools can help you turn your plans into action
Step by Step Guide

Step-by-step guide for building a solid stakeholder engagement plan

If the success of your project depends on stakeholder acceptance, get out in front of any potential difficulties by building a stakeholder relationship management plan early. Your initial plan is the base from which you’ll initiate your engagement activities. Learn more with our informative guide.
Maintain Constructive Relationship
Maintaining constructive relationships with stakeholders
Stakeholder networks and your relationships with them are not static. A good engagement strategy is flexible enough to accommodate changes, accessible for easy input, and proactive enough to anticipate potential stumbling blocks. Find out how our tools make it simple for all team members to maintain and optimize your stakeholder management plan, even from our mobile app.
Stakeholder Engagement Methodology
Gains that can be Achieved with the Stakeholder Engagement Methodology
Even a modest stakeholder engagement plan has thousands of data points that need to be organized and tracked and dozens of people interacting with multiple stakeholders. A methodology made up of spreadsheets and email folders eat up time and present privacy concerns. Read about the best methodology for stakeholder engagement and how Borealis software can help you put it into practice.
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