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Save time by working
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Put all of your applications to work for stakeholder engagement! With the API, you can connect Borealis to your GIS, CRM, SAP, and endless other tools to be sure you’re always working with complete data. Easily import and export data and entries will update automatically across systems – a real game changer when data needs to be frequently added or updated, or when data collected from an external source changes in real time.

Minimizes tedious manual data manipulation and
shows you the bigger picture with Borealis’ API

Social media platforms

Do you have a platform that monitors posts on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube pages? Push important social media publications to Borealis as communications to link them to your important stakeholders and engagement plans. Create custom dashboards to monitor daily, monthly, and weekly posts.


Create a new entry in your CRM and push it automatically to Borealis. Any fields that are added or updated in the CRM will be automatically updated in Borealis accordingly. You can also set it up the other way and push new stakeholders from Borealis into your CRM.

GIS database

Transfer georeferenced data from your GIS systems to Borealis to give users a visual representation of assets and stakeholders on Borealis’ map. This makes it easier to plan engagement strategies, or link grievances to a particular project site or asset.

Content Management System

Quickly generate an interface for stakeholders – such as a sponsorship request website – that lets them contact the organization without going through an agent or call center. Create forms in your CMS (WordPress for example) collect information from stakeholders and then import the stakeholder records directly into Borealis using the API.

Easy self-service, with support available if you need it

Our API documentation makes self-service integration easy. If needed, we can help your team:

  • analyze and identify optimal integration processes;
  • make minor adjustments to API endpoints to simplify
    your integration;
  • develop automated tests;
  • create a Widget that will provide a clear view of the information that needs to be transferred by the API.

Borealis API allows the integration of different application

Borealis stakeholder engagement software easily connects with your existing applications to bring the best of a highly adapted stakeholder management solution to your existing system.

Community Analytics from Spatial Media offers interactive tools for communication and public participation

Community Analytics and Borealis can be connected through API. Used together they create a powerful end-to-end engagement solution, empowering you to achieve better outcomes across your project lifecycle.

The Borealis API feature can be used to integrate data to any of our modules

The Borealis Stakeholder Engagement Core Module can be complemented with various other modules that will help you teams simplify and standardize their processes in order to build trust with stakeholders, improve engagement outcomes, and strengthen all areas of environment, social and governance.

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