Create stakeholder records in just a few clicks!

Whether you’re starting a new project or expanding into a new region, identifying stakeholders and creating records for all the people you need to engage with can be a time-consuming process. The Borealis Chrome Extension helps you capture publicly available information from the Internet, so you can create stakeholder records quickly and efficiently, improving productivity and minimizing manual data entry.

Use this feature if you:

  • Often identify stakeholders you need to engage with from websites or social media (boards of directors, lists of public officials, etc.)

Fast-track stakeholder identification, ensure data quality, and streamline data management

Improve productivity

Simplifying data entry allows teams to quickly populate a stakeholder database, so users can spend time on value-added activities like planning, analysis, and building trusted relationships.

Increase accuracy and data quality

Saving contact information directly from a published source minimizes the risk of transcription errors, improving data quality.

Simplify your workflows

Copying and pasting information into each field of a stakeholder record is a slow and tedious process. The Chrome Extension completes these fields automatically based on your selection. Data can be added or adjusted before saving the record in the system.

The Chrome Extension is a feature of our core Stakeholder Engagement module

The Borealis Stakeholder Engagement Module helps teams simplify and standardize their processes to build trust with stakeholders and improve engagement outcomes. Plan, record, monitor and measure your engagement activities and centralize the data on a single platform that is instantly accessible from any device.

  • Always know who your stakeholders are and where they stand
  • Build engagement plans based on reliable data
  • Record and track all issues, engagements and commitments
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