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Gain and maintain social license to operate by highlighting the tangible benefits your project brings to local communities

Securing community support for your project is a crucial part of managing social risk and demonstrating good corporate citizenship. The Local Employment and Procurement add-on helps teams track and report on local investments and link this information directly to stakeholder records, so you can always see the bigger picture.

Implement effective local strategies

Highlight the social and economic
advantages resulting from your local initiatives

Efficiently hire a large number of people in a short period of time

Document and manage job offers from your organization and any subcontractors you work with as part of your project’s local initiatives. Identify and assess potential candidates based on their skills and previous work experience. Monitor job offers to ensure that opportunities are communicated fairly and effectively to local candidates. Track contract opportunities, details of each job offer, approved and rejected applications, contracts signed, and resulting local benefits.

Track investments in local business development

Investments in local development help establish strong, sustainable local supply chains, reduce costs, and contribute to the development of local economies. Identify organizations as local businesses to facilitate local procurement of supplies and services, creating shared value for both your organization and the community. Track, manage, and report on total contracts awarded over the life of your project.

Measure performance over time

Build a valuable corporate memory to improve decision-making and help ensure the success of future initiatives. Cut costs and deliver meaningful results through local business development programs. Track amounts invested in local initiatives based on contracts awarded per individual, business, and/or location.

Local Employment and Procurement is an add-on to the Borealis Stakeholder Engagement module

Borealis is a fit-for-purpose stakeholder engagement solution that allows teams to manage all aspects of stakeholder engagement in one place. The platform is instantly scalable, so new, fully integrated modules and features can be added on demand to address different aspects of corporate social responsibility as your needs evolve.

Borealis helps teams engage more effectively, build stronger relationships with project affected communities, and drives positive outcomes for your organization.

  • Build engagement plans based on reliable data
  • Record and track all issues, engagements, and commitments
  • Easily monitor and measure the outcomes of your engagement activities
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