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Ensure compliance with targets they have set and allows them to report regularly on local employment to lenders, governing bodies and local communities.

Local Employment

Enhance local workforce capacity: Candidates and competencies register, extensive recruitment process, address competency gaps with capacity building, provides equitable job opportunities.

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Set the ground rules for local employment programs, define and manage screening policies and various criteria against which job applications will be evaluated.

Candidate Capacity Management

Build, track and manage an accurate list of candidates or job seekers as well as a list of their competencies. Initiate and manage local employment specific capacity building activities.

Recruitment Process

Track recruitment campaigns initiated to communicate job offers to local candidates. Register multiple job offers from company or its sub-contractors, the list of candidates applying for the job, screening activities, screening results and contracts. Manage contracts attribution along with their associated terms of employment.

Local Business Development

Enhance local business capacity: Comprehensive provider register, clear tendering process, performance auditing, enables sustainable local business development while reducing operating costs.

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Set the ground rules for business development programs. Define and manage tender evaluation policies against which suppliers will be evaluated before being awarded a contract. Carry out audits reviews for each business with performance evaluation criteria.

Business Capacity Management

Create and manage an accurate list of businesses in the local supply chain as well as a list of their competencies. Track supplier performance over time through periodic audits that are conducted based on pre-defined criteria. Track capacity building events designed for businesses, including related costs, competencies obtained and feedback provided.

Tendering Process

Keep track of recruitment campaigns to fairly communicate opportunities to local businesses. Register multiple opportunities offered by the company along with the list of businesses applying for tender. Record details on each offer, results of the tender evaluation based on the pre-defined criteria, associated contracts and local benefit details. Easily track all contracts awarded through the various opportunities.

Produce reports and maps to assist in demonstrating that high level commitments are respected. Manage the governance of local business development policies for future periods.

Apply a fair and transparent process for hiring unskilled and skilled personnel

  • Increase efficiency in hiring a very large group of people in a short period of time or in demonstrating a fair demobilization process
  • Implement effective local employment programs
  • Demonstrate compliance with commitments to lenders, governments and communities
  • Plan and report on capacity building activities provided by the company as well as certifications obtained
  • Demonstrate local employment benefits and performance using data from the company as well as external contractors and sub-contractors