Customer Success


Borealis is the world’s most advanced stakeholder engagement software. The Borealis platform counts over 5,000 users who are working at building trusting relationships with their stakeholders in over 50 countries. It is therefore imperative that we provide them with thorough, fast and high-quality support, which is probably one of our most appreciated distinctive characteristics.

We are currently looking for a Customer Success Manager that will work closely with our Customer Success Director and the Account Directors. (S)He is responsible for the management of relationships with a given client portfolio and identifies key actions to undertake in order to maintain the relationship and make it grow.

Your mission as a Customer Success Manager will be to engage proactively with the customers to promote long-term adoption of the system and ensure they are getting maximum value from their Borealis solution. You will maintain an ongoing learning strategy to address skill deficits, underuse, and to support the implementation of new product features and functionality. All this to nurture a healthy and strong relationship with our customers.

There won’t be any typical day, but here are some of the priorities you might want to focus on:

  • Provide an outstanding experience to our Borealis customer. After the sales and implementation process is done and the account transitions to the care of the Customer Success Management team, you will be the familiar face our customer can turn to when they have a question or learning issues.
  • Develop customers’ knowledge of the platform by providing educational sessions on new and existing features.
  • Identify up-sell opportunities.
  • Work closely with the entire account team on strategies to drive adoption and ensure our customer get full value of the system for their need.
  • Share customers’ needs, issues, concerns internally, across departments.
  • Contribute to transforming our customers in advocates of Borealis, be strong references that could be shared in case studies.
  • Follow up and engage with clients.

The Profile we are looking for

To be successful in this role, you must have the ability to see and develop the big picture, to think of innovative ways to get the job done and contribute in building a long-term relationship with our customer.


  • Fluent in French and English, both written and spoken. A third language such as Spanish, Portuguese, German or Russian considered as an asset.
  • Degree in administration, marketing or any other field deemed pertinent
  • At least 3-4 years of experience in customer success account management or solution consulting role.
  • 2-3 years of experience with Saas or CRM a plus.

Skills you’ll need to thrive:

  • Techy – Strong technical and computer software background to support customers in a SAAS environment. You understand the technology enough to explain and simplify it to the customer
  • Strong communication skills – You are not afraid to pick up the phone to make sure you fully understand the customers issue
  • Cultural competence – We work with clients from around the globe with various ways of treating and communicating information. They also represent various ranges of skill set to which you will be able to adapt
  • Excellent relationship building skills, as you will be required to develop and maintain a relationship of trust with the clients
  • Available to work atypical working hours (as our clients are located in different countries)
  • Flexibility and ability to work simultaneously on different files

About Boréalis

We are well-established and have maintained our start-up mentality. With 15 years of expertise under our belt, Borealis is the leading stakeholder engagement software company. On a day-to-day basis, this reflects in our management style, which is horizontal rather than hierarchical.

If you believe this position suits you,
we invite you to reach out to our HR department