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Outlook add-in

Feed data into Borealis right from Outlook

We know you spend a big part of your day working in Outlook. The Outlook Add-in lightens your load by making it easier to record all your emails and calendar items directly in Borealis.

  • Prevent forgotten/misplaced emails
  • Improve the quality of stakeholder records
  • Keep sensitive data secure


The Outlook Add-in greatly simplifies the task of adding emails and calendar items – like meetings or calls – to Borealis. And because it’s always visible in your Outlook window, it acts as a great reminder to save the communication in Borealis.

Minimize tedious tasks & reduce the risk of errors

Easily categorize all sent & received emails and calendar items. In just a few clicks, they’ll be recorded in exactly the right spot in Borealis.

  • Categorize emails and events according to several Borealis fields like issues, categories and sentiments.
  • Link emails to engagement plans and assets to get a real-time view of dialog happening on the ground.
  • Record all participants in a meeting in one quick step.
  • Process emails in batch long after they’ve been created.
  • Find a stakeholder email recorded in Borealis without leaving Outlook.

Keep sensitive data secure

The Outlook Add-in integrates the same data security practices used by the Borealis software itself. What’s more, it’s not linked to any other add-in and therefore will not cause conflicts. 

  • Users must be logged in to Borealis and have access to use the Add-in.
  • Users only have access to view the same records as in the web application.
  • Only open emails can be accessed by Borealis and only if the add-in is open.

Flexible & easy set up

The Outlook Add-in can be quickly installed by your IT team or by individual users themselves. It can be installed for all users, or just for those who want to use it.

  • Add-in can be installed on the web or desktop version of Outlook.
  • Add-in won’t slow Outlook down, but it will make entering communications in Borealis a breeze.

Download step-by-step instructions for installing the Outlook Add-in

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The Outlook Add-in is one of many features available with Borealis stakeholder engagement software

Borealis stakeholder engagement software is packed with user-friendly features and add-ins designed to improve the quality of your stakeholder data and facilitate your engagement activities. Borealis adapts to how you like to work, giving you the tools to spend less time managing data and more time on improving relationships with stakeholders.

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