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Team Data Segregation add-on

Restrict access to sensitive data

The Team Data Segregation add-on allows you to restrict access to information by project, team, or site to keep sensitive data confidential. It also allows you to limit access to certain fields (like telephone number or email address) on a need-to-know basis.

Use this add-on if you: 

  • Want to segregate information between teams
  • Have confidential information that should not be shared with everyone (e.g., external consultants)
  • Have multiple projects that include different stakeholders 

Choose which information your users can access

Segregate data to ensure that sensitive information remains confidential.

Limit unnecessary access to sensitive data

Centralizing project data in a single location facilitates collaboration, but some information can only be shared with those who are authorized to see it. The Team Data Segregation feature lets you control which information users can see, view, or change. It even allows you to restrict access to certain fields (like personal contact information or bank account numbers). This can be particularly helpful when working with external consulting teams.

Segregate data by project, team, etc.

Choose which users can access which information: data can be segregated by role, team, project, site, location, corporate level, or another structural element used by your organization. Users will only be able to access data available to their workgroup.

Grant full or partial access

Users can be granted read-only or full access to data. On top of the profile and business rules, each record is also assigned to one or more projects to determine the access necessary to view or edit the record.

Share stakeholders between projects

Allow users to see stakeholder records while restricting access to communications and other elements to specific projects. This is a great way to share information at the default level (and avoid the creation of duplicate records) while restricting access to sensitive project data to those who need it.

Add an extra layer of security for sensitive documents

Add an extra layer of security to protect sensitive documents, like service agreements or work contracts. Restrict access to certain confidential files to specific individual users.

Respect privacy laws

Laws and regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) help ensure that organizations collect and store personal data in a way that protects it from loss, theft and misuse. The Team Data Segregation add-on establishes strict user access rights to ensure data security, integrity and confidentiality.

Add custom user profiles (on demand)

A number of predefined user profiles for specific roles are currently available in the system. Should you wish to add profiles for roles that do not currently exist, these can be added upon request.

Does your organization manage project sites in different countries or regions? The Corporate View add-on allows each site to configure the system to their own language and purposes, and even mask personal stakeholder data – without compromising corporate reporting.

The Team Data Segregation feature is an add-on to the Stakeholder Engagement core module

The Borealis Stakeholder Engagement Module helps teams simplify and standardize their processes to build trust with stakeholders and improve engagement outcomes. Plan, record, monitor and measure your engagement activities and centralize the data on a single platform that is instantly accessible from any device.

  • Always know who your stakeholders are and where they stand
  • Build engagement plans based on reliable data
  • Record and track all issues, engagements and commitments
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