Sustainable Development : Boréalis on the good path

Sustainable development is an integral part of Boréalis’ operations, and  therefore it consists of one of our main priorities. In order to detail the development of this principle, Boréalis recently finalized its third Sustainable Development Report, covering the period from November 1, 2010 to October 31, 2011.

Boréalis has a C+ certification

The report was produced in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)  G3.1 Guidelines, and its content focuses on the themes raised by our internal stakeholders. For the second consecutive year, we have received a C+ level of GRI certification. This means that our company profile has at least 10 performance indicators in each category (economic, environmental and social). To validate our level of commitment to the GRI, we were audited by a third party (CBleue-Responsabilité sociétale et développement durable) and our report was verified by the GRI itself.

GRI is a global action network that offers worldwide recognized training in report presentation as well as economic, environmental and social performance analysis. We followed a series of principles and indicators that allowed us to measure and track our performance to ensure transparency for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Sustainability at Boréalis

The year 2011 was marked by several successes and was a very important year for us. We significantly developed our operations in Australia, which led us to open a new branch: Boréalis Australia. We also saw rapid growth within our business; this was both an opportunity and a challenge. We maintained and improved the information management and measurement methods we use for sustainable development performance evaluation. The 2011 Sustainability Report highlighted the efforts made by Boréalis in order to apply the principles of sustainable development in all aspects of its operations. Our activities raise social concerns such as the safety and well-being of our employees, diversity, professional development, ethics, and the socio-economic and environmental impacts of our local operations. Our environmental footprint was also highlighted in the report, as was our responsible economic approach. The business is particularly proud of its performance in three areas: managing growth and the challenges it raises, the success of its social involvement in the community, and the adoption of the sustainable development policy.

Boréalis Sustainability Report 2011

The Sustainability Report details the processes we adopted to ensure continued improvement of our management of sustainable development. We hope that sustainable development will become inherent to the way we think, act and manage the company. With this in mind, Boréalis has set itself the goal of preparing our sustainable development action plan to continue making sustainable development principles part of our day-to-day management of projects and services. This plan implicates the entire business. As a result, the plan’s implementation focuses on the dynamism, know-how and competencies of employees who are called upon to work in close collaboration with the sustainable development committee. The action plan will encourage the integration of sustainable development as a part of all of Boréalis’ activities in line with its values, its motivation to provide a work environment that encourages the development of its employees, and the need to respond to new social needs, both locally and internationally.

Click on the link to read the Sustainability report 2011.Our commitment to sustainable development provides added value and is truly one of the defining characteristics of Boréalis’ culture. This strategic approach means Boréalis integrates social responsibility into its own activities and transforms the way it contributes as well as  the scale of its contributions. It also helps to build a better world through the application of its sustainable development principles.


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