Grievance Management

Build trust with a clear and transparent process for managing grievances

Build trust with a clear and transparent process for managing grievances

All projects – big or small – have the potential to create disruptions for the local community. How you handle the resulting grievances can make or break your project.

The Grievance Management module makes it easier build trust with local communities and mitigate the social risks to project success by providing a structured and transparent process for handling grievances in a timely and effective manner according to industry best practices.


Set the ground rules for managing grievances: timeframes for acknowledging receipt of grievances and for resolving them, process and resources for maintaining confidentiality, reviewing and resolving grievances, etc.


Acknowledge receipt of all grievances in a timely manner so that stakeholders know you have heard their grievances and are taking them seriously – an important first step in building trust.


Investigate the root cause of recurring grievances or those requiring special attention. Flag whether any project changes may be needed to retain social license to operate. Communicate project-critical information in a timely manner to the appropriate internal stakeholders.


Confirm with stakeholders that their grievances have been resolved in a satisfactory manner. Close any unsubstantiated or fraudulent grievances with the reasons supporting this decision.


Report and map the number, category and status of grievances for a given period, as well as any grievance trends over time, profiles of those who submitted grievances, etc.


Build a register of all grievances received, including details of the grievance, along with stakeholder information for efficient follow-up and resolution.


Analyze all received grievances and classify them according to priority and/or potential to negatively impact the project. Identify the action to be taken for each one.


Resolve grievances in a transparent, impartial, and timely manner according to your defined grievance management process.


See the status of all grievances at all times, including those requiring immediate or special action so that they don’t escalate beyond control.


Demonstrate your due diligence in handling grievances to key internal stakeholder and to any external lenders, investors or government agencies who require periodic audits of your grievance management system.


Build a valuable corporate memory that will strengthen decision-making and help to ensure the success of future grievance management efforts, regardless of the team in place.


Establish a systematic and transparent grievance resolution process

Minimize recurring grievances and resolve issues before they can escalate into potential blockages that can put your reputation and operations at risk

Demonstrate compliance with international regulatory frameworks such as IFC, IPIECA & ICMM

Develop sustainable relationships with stakeholders

When not managed properly, grievances can quickly turn into project crises.
Learn the key steps for successful grievance management

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