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Why leading companies rely on Boréalis

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Our field experience

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We count 15+ years of experience working with local communities, on project sites around the world in very challenging context. We’ve been working with clients in both developed and developing countries, helping them gain and maintain their social license to operate.

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Our experience with external audits

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Many large international projects were able to successfully demonstrate their compliance to requirements of international lenders (i.e.: IFC), government, or local policies using our application. We help clients prove accountability through transparent reporting on operations: socio-environmental baselines, local content, land access, stakeholder engagement, and more.

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Our partnerships with local experts

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We team up with local social and environmental experts who have a deep understanding of the communities where they evolve. By combining our international experience with their knowledge of their communities, we develop local content that is relevant to their culture, needs and more.

Stakeholder Engagement vs. CRM solutions

We’ve had many clients ask us the question: can CRMs solutions be used as a tool to manage stakeholder engagement activities? Although both systems do share similarities, the relationships they manage are completely different. While stakeholder management software manage complex social relationships between people, organizations and projects, CRMs oversee the sales funnel, a transactional process between vendors and clients. Plus, stakeholder engagement activities must align with international best practices, such as the IFC performance standards.

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Turn inputs into insights with best-practices pre-built and ad-hoc reports. Boréalis provides a holistic view of your social and environmental performance.

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