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A Fit-for-Purpose Stakeholder Management Software Solution

designed to help you take your stakeholder engagement to the next level.
  • Developed by experts in stakeholder engagement
  • 15+ years of global use in multiple industries
  • Continuously improved based on your feedback
  • Supported by a trusted partner that’s by your side every step of the way

Borealis stakeholder engagement software

Manage all aspects of stakeholder engagement from a single, intuitive tool that embraces the PLAN-ENGAGE-MEASURE methodology best practice. Borealis centralizes all stakeholder-related data, keeping it instantly accessible to team members from any location or device.

Easily add additional modules to the stakeholder engagement platform to manage other areas of corporate social responsibility such as social investment, land access and management, and compliance and grievance management. Borealis engagement software adapts to your organization’s needs.

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Stakeholder Engagement Software Solutions

Standardize your processes, minimize manual data entry/searches, and generate professional reports in minutes. See how Borealis stakeholder engagement platform helps your company strengthen stakeholder relationships and improve outcomes. 

Why organizations choose Borealis as their trusted stakeholder engagement software

Proven fit-for-purpose stakeholder engagement software (SaaS) developed by experts with extensive field experience

Instantly scalable: additional modules can be added as your needs evolve

Easily configurable to your specific needs


Proven fit-for-purpose stakeholder engagement software (SaaS) developed by experts with extensive field experience 


Instantly scalable; additional modules can be added as your needs evolve

Easily configurable to your specific needs

Constant software improvements based on client feedback and evolving global best practices

Constant software improvements based on client feedback and evolving global best practices


The intuitive interface is easy to use, even for people who aren’t tech savvy

Multilingual hands-on onboarding, training & support by our professional team


Intuitive interface friendly to even non-tech savvy users

Multilingual hands-on onboarding, training & support by professional team

What Borealis customers have to say

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How Stakeholder Engagement Management Software improves business performance

Building solid stakeholder relationships is crucial when it comes to improving outcomes, but it takes more than listening to create real change. To turn actionable insights into concrete improvements, you’ll need to properly capture, document and analyze stakeholder feedback. Our stakeholder relationship management system helps organizations:

Establish a lasting corporate memory. When a team member leaves, ensure their vital knowledge doesn’t leave with them. Maintaining well-documented historical records makes integrating new hires easier and brings replacement staff up to speed when someone is out on parental or sick leave.

Ensure your critical data is easily accessible in a single, easy-to-use location. A stakeholder engagement management system centralizes contact information, communications, a stakeholder’s position on important issues and topics, and other data critical to your operations. Organized data eliminates communication gaps, secures information, and provides easier access for your team members.   

Mitigate external risks to regulatory committees. When you lack information, it hinders decision-making, jeopardizes compliance, and exposes your organization to legal risks. The robust reporting and analytics tools within our stakeholder engagement management software make it easy to access and retrieve information to prove due diligence. This degree of instant recall is beneficial in the event of litigation and for supporting public affairs and government relations strategies.

Improve productivity by automating tedious manual tasks and standardizing work methods. Our stakeholder engagement software helps your team implement structured procedures and routines that align efforts, including creating tasks and reminders to keep your team on target. Accurately set and measure KPIs in a centralized location. You can say goodbye to juggling multiple files and data entry methods. Organize all your data in a single location instead.   


Engage with your stakeholders in a meaningful way that builds better relationships. Our software allows you to manage, store, and access communications quickly. Review previous voice-to-text meeting notes and show stakeholders you care about understanding and addressing their concerns. Attach photos to the relevant files and set follow-up reminders. Demonstrating that you take problems seriously and are prepared to follow through helps earn trust and increases a stakeholder’s willingness to engage.  

Capture and manage stakeholder grievances efficiently. This dramatically reduces the risk of defaulting on commitments you’ve made and putting your reputation with key stakeholders on the line. Managers and key decision-makers can quickly identify hot spots or emerging issues before they escalate into complaints. They eventually make their way into the news or go viral on social media. 

Is Stakeholder Engagement Software right for you?

Our stakeholder relationship management system is ideal for organizations that: 

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