Linking local social activities

to global social development goals


Eliminate all the time being lost on tracking down information relating to social investment to meet reporting and auditing requirements.


An intuitive, user-friendly information management system that simplifies stakeholder communications, internal document sharing, and external reporting of social development goals.

‘‘We now spend our time on analysis and building stronger stakeholder relationships, not on gathering information for reporting. Our team can now do so much more. Now anyone joining the team can have a relationship with an entire inventory of stakeholders. We’re no longer working in silos.’’

Key results


The team can now focus on value-added engagement activities rather than tracking down information.


Day-to-day activities are more organized and productive; no more oversights or delays.


Management can easily find, report, and analyze required information without interrupting the team’s field work.


Quality of information has greatly improved.


Enel Green Power Mexico


Renewable energy


Head Office
Rome, Italy


Borealis used for
Social investment and stakeholder engagement


Teams using Borealis
Sustainability team

Bringing visibility to social investments

Enel Green Power is a multinational renewable energy corporation that originated in Italy, with operations in more than 1,200 plants and present in over 30 countries. When it comes to stakeholder relations, the company has a solid reputation for following best practices and taking a forward-thinking approach.

The Enel Green Power Mexico division manages 19 wind, hydro, and solar plants – each one with its own separate engagement plan.

The division has long enjoyed good relationships with local stakeholders. It runs several successful social investment programs, but until recently this valuable information remained mostly with the field agent responsible for managing the individual stakeholders.

‘‘Borealis allows us to know everything about our social investment programs. If someone at corporate asks, we can immediately show how our activities in Mexico are contributing concretely to our global SDGs.’’

The lack of a centralized information management system resulted in a lot of lost time and missed opportunities:

  • Close stakeholder relationships gave the division good credibility with local communities and authorities, but the team had no easy way to transfer all of their local information to the head office so that it could have a global view for analysis and reporting to third parties.
  • Documenting the history of the many interactions that had taken place in the field to prepare for regular on-site audits was also taking precious time and resources away from important day-to-day engagement efforts.
  • The team had no easy way to link local social investments to the annual engagement plan created for each wind turbine plant – or to the global social development goals (SDGs) set by the head office in Rome.
  • The team also lacked the means to easily report and share documents, both with internal stakeholders such the executive team in Mexico and Rome, as well as with external stakeholders such as auditors, which visit the company’s plants several times a year.

Making information readily accessible

Hoping to improve processes, the Enel Green Power Mexico team started exploring its options. Borealis stakeholder engagement software met not only the team’s immediate needs for a robust information management system, but also offered a clear path for where the team wanted to go.

‘‘ What helped was the direct contact Borealis established with our entire team to understand our organizational processes and objectives and how Borealis could integrate with our existing systems and security standards.’’

‘‘Borealis helps us work well as team to improve processes. We can share tips and experience on what filters work best for our reporting needs, which reports we can create to share publicly, and so on. We’re basically building our own community of practice. We’re very enthusiastic about what we’re achieving with Borealis in terms of productivity.’’

How Enel Green Power Mexico uses Borealis software

The Sustainability team now starts and ends its day in Borealis. They use the system to plan, enter, track and analyze all stakeholder activities relating to social investment.

Each wind turbine plant has its own engagement plan in Borealis where all grievances – including written communication dropped anonymously into an on-site mail box – as well as stakeholder engagement and social investment activities and associated budgets are linked to each plant.

All interactions in the field, along with communications, commitments and more, are systematically entered into the system. The team says that entering all these records in Borealis quickly became second nature.

Mobile app improving in-field engagement

The team says the benefits of using Borealis go beyond better time management and easier reporting. The mobile app is also improving already strong relationships with local community members.

Field agents can use the app to record stakeholder comments during face-to-face conversations and even read their comments back to them to verify accuracy. This personalized attention makes stakeholders feel their comments are being taken seriously, leading to more trusted relationships.

‘‘The Outlook add-in and mobile app greatly help with field activities. It makes Borealis a handy tool for instantly recording and accessing information right in the field. It’s our information hub connecting everyone and all their activities.’’

Fit-for-purpose stakeholder management software with features that simplify day-to-day work

  • Scalable system that can evolve with Enel Green Power’s needs.
  • Designed specifically for people working in stakeholder management.
  • Available in several languages, including Spanish.
  • Integrates with Enel Green Power’s existing systems and security standards.
  • Very intuitive and user-friendly, even for those with limited computer skills.
  • Information is easily accessible for all users.
  • Mobile app takes system use to the field.
  • Outlook app makes sending and recording emails easy.
  • Dashboards and widgets keep important data front and center.
  • Meaningful, professional-looking reports can be generated in just a few clicks.
  • Helps identify best practices and empower continuous improvement.
  • System updates are announced well in advance to avoid work disruptions.
  • Regular newsletters and Help Desk articles offer practical tips to improve system use in a quick, easy format. 
  • Support goes beyond the technical Help Desk; users can contact Borealis with any questions about using the system.
Download this PDF case study.