Corporate View ADD ON

Centralizing your data to ease corporate reporting

Configuration at both the corporate and site levels allows the corporate office to enforce standard data management and each site to configure the software according to their specific needs

I was quite impressed with Borealis Corporate View. I've never seen a solution designed to enforce corporate standards that provides so much flexibility. Customizing the platform for our individual locations' needs will help ensure user adoption while allowing us to standardize data management organization-wide. Other products should learn from that!


Improve consistency of social and environmental information tracking and management across operations/corporate office


Generate reports for your executive management team in two clicks


Track management of obligations, commitments and grievances


Reduce burden on operations for monthly and quarterly reporting by creating consolidated reports in only a few clicks.


Support compliance with permitting requirements


Track community investments with consistent definitions and categories and get a clear view of how you’re achieving your corporate sustainable development goals

The solution for corporations with multiple sites

The Corporate View Add on can be added to the Borealis Stakeholder Engagement Software

Corporate rollouts with Borealis

  • We implement a corporate level system with site-specific configuration to increase adoption
  • We view each site as a client that will contact us for personalized support services
  • We guarantee data security and confidentiality between sites
  • We ensure you meet corporate and site-specific objectives
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Find out how Borealis stakeholder engagement software can be implemented to ease corporate reporting from multiple site.